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Why not write for us at or have a guest post featured. The leading website from the world’s oldest golf magazine, we’re the go-to destination for amateur and keen golfers alike who are keen to up their golfing game. All over the world, 20 million amateur and pro golfers swing at the luscious green pastures of famous and eclectic golf courses. This number is set to increase in the coming years, as the younger generation catch up on the game. In 1985 there were roughly 17 million golfers in the U.S. playing over 414 million rounds of golf, at over 12,000 facilities. Do you have in-depth knowledge about golf?

Please go through our archive to look at the articles that were already published. We don’t want our readers to get bored reading the same type of article. You will be able to become an experienced writer in this niche if you write for us. We have a dedicated team of writers who have been writing for years and you will learn a lot from them. Or are you interested in sharing an opinion with our readers as an “Op-Ed”? Or perhaps you are inspired by the golf writers of the past; luminaries such as Grantland Rice, O.B. Keeler, Herbert Warren Wind, or John Derr.

Many of the high-circulation golf magazines do not post writer’s guidelines online, nor tell you how to propose a story idea or submit a query letter. Without this information, it is difficult to research pay rates, which departments welcome freelance submissions, whom to contact, and what upcoming topics that the editors need. We mostly provide recent news and updates from golf and golf clubs. We talk about tournaments and players. We also provide updates on new golf clubs opening in Canada.


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Each can make you want to quit at any second, but each can just as easily remind you why you torture yourself for the craft in the first place. Also do not forget to follow Golf Monthly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more golf stories and news. Before you submit an idea, please make sure you have read some recent editions of Golf Monthly as well as the website.

Please introduce yourself and send your submission to . Attach a few of your best hi-res photos to accompany the story labeled with subject matter and who took the photo. “Correct me if I’m wrong, Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers they’ll lock me and up and throw away the key.” “Don’t play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty.” Ian Poulter in the photo, a golfer who definitely wears his emotions on his sleeve. “Golf is not, on the whole, a game for realists. By its exactitude’s of measurements, it invites the attention of perfectionists.”

Regardless of how insignificant certain things seem, they are magnified when it comes to golf and writing. In writing, one spelling mistake or incorrect word choice can be the difference between a great article and one that people scratch their heads at. Every golfer has a routine that they develop over time until it’s pure muscle memory. For me, I survey the shot, choose the club and shot style, take a half swing, then full swing, address the ball, and then take my shot. Rates are negotiable based on your experience. Please provide your rate in your application.

Do you want to share your love of golf with our community? You have the opportunity to be published on our site. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. There are also opportunities to do flat-rate pieces on occasion.

Once published, Golf Drives will share your article/blog post on its social media platforms . Articles must be unique and 500+ words.Articles must pass plagiarism tests.Interested in being featured on in a guest post or blog? Contact one of the team today for more information on how to write for us.