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Some rules for writing a guest post for the Education Guest Post Site include the word limit of 800 words, unique content, and a descriptive title. It would help if you also used proper punctuation and spell-checkers. The topics can be anything related to education, from Internet safety to making learning fun for kids.

If you have an exceptional topic, however, we might be able to adjust it for you. We reserve the right to include relevant links within our UK Education Blog to articles. You can ask for your author profile to be removed at any time and we will take it down, but your articles will still remain available on our blog.

Intending contributors should prepare high-quality articles on one of these topics. It will help us to give something informative and valuable to readers that they can complement right away. Guest post submission is a very popular and most recommended on-page SEO technique. So, if you want to get some significant ones from the education sector, get ready for some guest posting in the education niche.

Finally, please submit your article as early as possible to publish it on our site. Ezyschooling is dedicated to helping out the community in every way possible and we believe that a good-quality writer who is equally dedicated can help add value to the community. So, here are a few guest post guidelines that anyone writing an article for Ezyschooling has to follow in order to make sure that we are putting out the best for our readers. Contributors should submit the guest blog posts after reading the guest post guidelines. If you don’t adhere to our important caveats, then don’t submit your guest post.


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We appreciate your time and efforts and therefore encourage you to write not too lengthy but informative articles. The article should be unique and should not be submitted anywhere else. Welcomes writers, bloggers, students, academicians, and anyone in general who has a passion for writing about educational topics. The ‘Write for Us’ section offers you a platform where you can showcase your writing and knowledge in the subject and convey your opinion to the people out there. These guest posts will also help in local SEO for your sites. This blog caters to a broad audience of business, technology, education, blogging, digital marketing, and much more.

You can add real-life recommendations and practical tips to inspire and motivate our readers. In addition to the citation of the source, you must give full credit to the original author. For instance, students should never turn in another person’s paper.

This length is considered a “golden” blog post length. Articles should be informative, free of plagiarism, and original. Typically, an article of this length will be more likely to receive a high ranking on Google and other search engines. The length of your article can also affect whether or not you can convert readers into leads.

If at all you want to add an infographic to the article, you must embed the code. We won’t publish the article that is already published somewhere. If there are any grammatical errors or typo errors or weak restructuring of the sentence, we disqualify the post. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear about it and welcome pitches on all education-related issues, academic subjects and all year levels from K-12.

You can add information about yourself and use it to promote your work elsewhere. We can provide author access, which enables you to publish your articles after editorial approval. If you have exceptional writing skills, expertise in education or e-learning and would like to share your knowledge with a growing education audience, we’d love to hear from you. Images and Videos represent our ideas in an improved form making the content stand out, relevant and engaging. Include one or more high-quality images or videos that go with the content to help readers get a better understanding of your article. Educatory Times is the definitive career guidance portal for students aspiring to pursue higher education both in India and abroad.

We reject articles that are modified/same/articles from other sites. The word count for each article should be at least 800 . Studentship has plenty of opportunities for students and individuals who want to enhance their writing skills. Our audience expects useful ideas, and many aren’t in the market for a new edtech tool–it’s a red flag for us if the reader’s only next step is to purchase a product or hire a company. Finally, it goes without saying that your post must be grammatically correct and well written. Additional images may be supplied to complement your content, though you must have the right to use them within your post.