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The Curator claims First Serial Rights and publishing exclusivity for six months unless otherwise specified by the writer. After six months, an author may reprint the work however they choose. Because we explore the meaning we find in artistic and everyday objects, we’re open to writing that incorporates spiritual elements. We welcome writers from all backgrounds to share their work with us. Red Pepper is rooted in national and international movements for radical social and environmental change.


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Please format your article in Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 spacing, and in DOC or DOCX format . We have a large community of fans, industry insiders, and streetwear and lifestyle culture enthusiasts from thousands of different walks of lives. HYPEND has thousands of monthly website visitors and thousands of highly engaged followers across all our social media platforms. Do you write articles on different cultures and want to share them with various sections of readers?

We also publish website reviews, which will help viewers know about the portal’s authenticity. We’re interested in craft and poems that make us want to read them again. The Curator explores the meaning and matters of the heart and spirit reflected in cultural objects, experiences, and the arts. If you have a question about whether your topic fits our needs, please contact us Sign up to get the latest dance news, festival updates, free resources, and more.

If photos are part of the submission that should be noted in the email, i.e. 4 photos to follow. Two-way communication between yourself and our editors is encouraged. Quoting someone and anyone – Unless they have spoken directly to Hollywood Insider in an ON THE RECORD interview or conversation – make sure you always link out to the source.

And it cannot promote your own brand or company and/or links to your own website. Have we mentioned that it must be exclusive to Hollywood Insider yet? You can share the link to theHollywood Insider article written by you on your social media channels and also your blog/website. Don’t republish original content you write for Hollywood Insider anywhere else. If your content is not published within 28 days of submission, it will not be published. Once you’ve submitted your finished article, it’ll be passed onto the appropriate member of the editorial team who’ll check that it’s inline with our existing style and standard of publishing.

If the work is reprinted, we ask the writer to provide acknowledgment of your original publication in the Curator Magazine. We do not retain any rights that would keep a writer from publishing a writer’s work in their own book. If you are accepted, please note that we often have a publishing schedule planned for the next two months. As of writing, we are scheduling articles 10 weeks after being accepted. Our team will then review the article, and either accept it with a publishing date, or reply with what needs to be improved before resubmitting. Although we don’t currently have any advertised roles, we’re always open to hearing from talented writers and other media professionals.

Compensation and permission for republishing will be made. Headlines cannot be created to give the wrong impression. The final heading and subheading will be at the discretion of the editors and it will be made to fit the Hollywood Insider style.