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We understand the value of original work and request that our guest authors do the same. All articles submitted to us for guest posting should be plagiarism-free and include copyright-free media only. Any charts, graphs, images, quotes, etc. that you obtain from other sources must be appropriately attributed. Etashee features blogs on a diverse range of topics related to fashion. We, and search engines, like articles that include relevant images, videos, infographics, etc. However, copyright policy infringement is not tolerated.

If you have read and understood the guidelines properly it’s time to start sharing your guest blog posts and let your ideas reach thousands of readers and fashion enthusiasts. Girliciousbeauty is always looking for new guest writers to join our team and contribute fresh content with guest posts. The Fashion County is a community blog wherein we let you publish topics related to Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Health.

It must include one subtitle for every 150-word section. This is very important to write a topic that is always user-friendly. Any article that doesn’t go into these categories will be directly rejected. Ideal article length would consist of over 1200 words.

The sparkle in their eyes, the way they look at themselves in the mirror. Beauty that goes beyond the outside and shines from the soul. I’ve been creating in the beauty industry for over a decade. This section will provide some helpful tips for starting a successful fashion blog that can help you get started in this competitive industry. It aims to share information and ideas to make your dressing sense fashionable. The article must be 100% original, unique, and compelling.


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In case you wish to write for us, you can send us the ideas and pitch before you submit the article. Hence, make sure that your article fulfills this first requirement of ours. If you have read all the above-mentioned terms and think that you can fulfill these, then you are welcome. You can contact us by emailing the title of your article in the subject of the mail and mailing it at Once we found your mail, one of our team members will get in touch with you. In case you need any additional information, then you can visit the same email address. We won’t accept links that are promotional in nature; i.e., links that promote affiliate products or services or redirect readers to another sales page.

But you don’t need to wait for an idea that willredefine Fashion. Just aim to bring readers a fresh perspective on a topic that’s keeping you up at night, adding actionable content for our readers, and you’re good to go. But we have noticed users and SEO’s are more likely to find us using Health accepting guest posts or health and wellness guest post using queries. Fashion is always an iconic industry for the human being, The write for us fashion has always one goal the topic should be eye-catching and easy to understand to the audience. So keep yourself up to date with new and latest fashion ideas for men and women which is a good product and which is not for human health, always being taken care of in your topic.

It is essential for you to select a topic for your writeup which is related to our blog. This will ensure that your article goes live on our blog sooner. Therefore, you must make sure that the article you write and submit is related to the categories on our blog. By writing for targeted viewers, you will be able to reach the exact audience and establish authority in your niche.

As a writer, I understand the importance of gaining exposure to attract readers to your work. Also, you are required to share the article on all your social media accounts within seven days from the date of publishing of the article with the hashtag Etashee. Or you may send Microsoft Word Document articles to us. If you want to write for us, before submitting the article, you may email us the ideas and the pitch. In an article, pictures would certainly attract the readers’ attention.