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We acknowledge that various subtopics exist within each of these big topics. If you want to blog on expungement or gun rights, which would fall under the broader issue of Criminal Protection, we are a fantastic fit. Prioritize covering well-known and well-understood subjects.


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However, we recommend you submit a draft of your paper before finishing it, as it will be edited after submission. We want authors who can write on different topics related to law. Whether you are a law student trying to improve your writing abilities or a former attorney who took time out to have children, our writing group will be a good fit for you. Don’t add your blog’s social media accounts or any other social media platforms link. Please include links to authoritative sources for any claims, statistics or assertions to add credibility to your content. Digitalet Legal cannot accept articles that have been published, or are due to be published, elsewhere.

A sponsored post will get your article at the top our content cycle for 30 days and will be permanently available on our site to provide exposure and value for your brand or business. Links in the article will be live (do-follow) and directed to your site. Submit your article or collaboration idea to the form below and our editorial team with reach you back as soon as possible. We do not accept content that is deemed to be irrelevant to the legal sector or blatant promotional articles. Kindly email us at if you’re looking for a link to your website to be added in the guest post.

Free Legal Aid is the original provider of free legal resources for those who are looking for legal help from the DIY standpoint. Since 1997, Free Legal Aid has been trying to put legal information in the hands of the people, and connect attorneys with potential clients. We believe that legal help should be free, and that attorneys will gladly provide the basic information related to their specialty for no charge as a way of showcasing their expertise. As a result, our users get answers to their legal questions for free and those who eventually need an attorney have enough information to know where to turn for legal assistance. Freelegalaid has launched the “Question/Answer” feature of the site.

We use plain and simple English to give you an overview of the most common areas of law. We’re on a mission to make law as plain and simple as possible. Kindly acknowledge the author from whom you have received the idea.

In certain instances, we can delete your link, such as when you distribute the URL to your guest post on spammy websites. All images must be hosted on a third-party free to use website, and you must provide the direct URL to the image. We do not accept images that are hosted on your personal website or company website. Legal Cheek Journal cannot accept articles that have been published, or are due to be published, elsewhere. Your article should focus on providing valuable information to our readers.

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