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Working at EZPro Baths Express

He planned the work in each successive bathroom so that he could review and confirm installation decisions with me before they were undertaken and that he scheduled work in such a way that his time was efficiently spent and that he gave constant attention to installation details. He cleaned up completely after each day of work so that he maintained a quality work environment. He reviewed with me each day’s accomplishments and his plans for the next day. I am very pleased with the quality of materials and workmanship.”

If you are looking for a bathroom renovation company, look no further. The experience with this company was outstanding from beginning to finish. The salesman was professional and thorough.

The work was done by Chris Perry. He was always professional, knowledgeable and did an excellent job keeping my home and work area clean. He completed the job too sooner than expected as he got a hand the second day by Luckie Toler. EZPro Bath gave great service from start to finish. Job was completed on time and on budget. They take great care of your home and keeping it as clean as possible throughout the job.

In the half bath, they replaced the cabinetry and sink, installed granite counter top and a new, water saver toilet and painted the walls. They brought the new hardwood flooring in a month prior to starting the project so it could acclimate to our house climate. Once the project began, they had the existing hardwood floors downstairs sanded so all floors would match when stained. They removed 2 solid double doors between the living area and dining room and replaced the door facing, thereby opening up that part of the 1st floor. Because they moved the doorway between the kitchen and dining room, they had to replace part of the chair rail in the dining area and repaint- matches perfectly!

Tremendous job remodeling my main bathroom. Mike Cashman did excellent work in transforming my old tired bathroom into a art team names beautiful and comfy new bathroom. Mike was a perfectionist in his work and it translated into a successful restoration.

As you can tell I am a very happy client , If 10 stars were available I would’ve definitely given him 10 stars for the job he did! Thank you John, it was a pleasure having you in my home. Went really well from start to finish.

If you have a shower attachment like my mom’s, you can use the water pressure from a regular shower to pump water from the tub. I am so in love with this ezpro bath express. I am using it everyday (and I am still using it!) and I absolutely love how it feels. This is a great product that you should check out.

After some minor cleanup involving drywall and painting, everything will be fine. These guys are polite and do a great job. I plan to call on them to do more work later this year. “Expert workmanship! My new master bath is perfect and exactly what I wanted.”