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Robert Allen, the author of “Nothing Down” and “Creating Wealth,” declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy in May 1996 after publishing several bestselling books. For that reason, none of the following 12 symptoms qualify a coaching program as a rip-off on their own. It’s the weight of the evidence that you want to pay attention to and use as motivation for greater due diligence. Unfortunately, they usually don’t in practice – and that’s important for the consumer to understand and beware of. This guide is my attempt to clean up this industry by revealing the red flags that can alert smart consumers to a potential bad apple.

WREIN LIVE is a life changing opportunity to hear experts share their experiences creating financial freedom through investing in real estate. Women will be celebrated and receive encouragement for dreaming big and being brave. With ovago reviews the support and knowledge of her sons, she was able to successfully strike her first deal in less than 30 days, and her investments have grown exponentially in the years since she began her rise through Dallas’ real estate markets.

Laura came in during a pivotal time in our company’s growth and helped us with a fresh perspective on our company’s brand position. Not only did Massage Heights come out of our work together with a unique, powerful new position in the marketplace, but Laura supported me in delivering that brand strategy to the participants at our annual convention. This coaching resulted in the best feedback I ever received on my annual convention keynote.

Dishonest testimonials are another marketer’s gimmick designed to convince you to part with your money. They work hard to build businesses and invest their savings prudently. The luxury appeal is a marketer’s gimmick designed to prey on your feeling of lack and your desire to have more. If the coaching is mass marketed rather than targeted to the narrow audience that can truly benefit, then you’re likely dealing with a sales organization and not a true coaching company.

We’re here to teach you the keys to building win-win real estate deals — all with an experienced mentor to motivate, encourage, and support you. From beginning your education to closing your first deal, you’ll learn everything you need to know. The MasterClass is a live experience that teaches women across the nation how to invest in real estate and create financial freedom for themselves and their families. All of the training sessions will be recorded and available to rewatch in the private Facebook group until the MasterClass has concluded. Past students have found extraordinary success from this 7-day MasterClass and some have gone on to create real estate portfolios with equity totaling 7 figures. This is an interactive 7-day online training course hosted by Tresa Todd, Founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network.

When you enroll today, you’ll gain access to a private Facebook group where you’ll connect with women just like you who are beginning their journey towards living a legacy. As a speaker, author, and CEO, Tresa’s call is to inspire women to step into their best lives. In a harsh, busy, distracted world, her message is a welcome fountain of grace. Her words carry hope and stir the faith buried in the hearts of those who listen. She has shared the stage with people from all backgrounds and experience, from Mel Gibson to sweet personal friends.

Whether she’s flipping houses, working on a new rental property, or sharing her knowledge and experience with other women, Tresa brings a personal, inspirational charm to everything she undertakes, and everyone that she meets. Kelton Todd is a successful real estate investor, professional mentor, and motivational speaker, who has put together one of the most comprehensive, results-oriented real estate education programs available anywhere. Founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network and author of the book, Without Fear of Her Future. Over 100,000 women join her MasterClass every year, where she teaches women how to become successful real estate investors.

There are a few bad apples in the money coaching and mentoring business that use greedy, aggressive, and misleading sales tactics to promote over-priced, low-value programs. Jennifer Allwood helps women find freedom in thier business, my time, finances, and most importantly, through faith in God. She has a social media following of 500K people, The Jennifer Allwood Show, has more than 2M downloads, coaching groups with thousands of members, and a #1 best selling book, Fear is Not the Boss of You. Click on this video to hear about Jennifer’s experience working with JoyBrand Creative. Understanding the 4 corners of real estate investing to achieve financial security. You’ll walk away with the same personalized wealth plan and custom-built action plan as if you paid for Todd’s expensive coaching fees – but at a much lower fixed price – plus you have direct access to Todd in the weekly office hours and 24/7 forum support.

We are a training company that provides training concerning such industries. You want step-by-step guidance to understand how to leverage other people’s money to immediately begin profiting from real estate investing. WREIN LIVE is an exciting three-day conference hosted by Tresa Todd, Founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network. Women who want to live without fear of their future, build their legacy, make an incredible impact, and create financial freedom for their families attend the annual event. As a result, Tresa wanted to create a space for women to grow, learn, and flourish in the male-dominated field of real estate investing. The Women’s Real Estate Investors Network™ is more than a networking organization; it’s a community of strong, like-minded women who support each other on their journey to financial freedom.

In every situation, she is confident and gracious.Her first book was released in the summer of 2018. Intent on a mission to encourage the mom who questions her ability and doubts her adequacy, she eases anxiety and gives practical wisdom to press in and press on. She reminds every mother of a bigger vision than dirty dishes and piles of laundry. She is also the founder and CEO of the Dallas Women’s Real Estate Investors Association.