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Wiffle Ball Rules

The outer edges are at an offset of 3-feet from the foul lines. Set out the outer edges with steel pins and stringlines, and then mark them with white aerosol athletic field paint. The skinned areas in a wiffle ball field are the same as those 2-seam fastball in a baseball field. These are the pitching circle, home circle and the periphery of the infield square. The home circle and pitching circle have already be marked. We need to set out and mark the peripheries of the infield square .

If you want to jump on one of these fields to play that’s fine. But understanding how standard wiffle ball dimensions compare to popular age group field sizes will help normalize the game and keep things fun. We have done some research to try to capture some of the most popular field dimensions.

Should the number of runs be the same at the end of the game then the game is drawn. Some Wiffle Ball leagues allow tied games and the points are shared equally by the two teams whereas others will insist on one more innings each, with the highest score being declared the winner. From its inception, the popularity of the game grew rapidly, and it has been played in backyards, city streets, beaches and recreational sports pitches for generations, remaining popular to this day. A World Whiffle Ball Championship has been played since 1980.

Grips are allowed on the bat handle up to 10 inches from the bottom. Batters can wear batting gloves, but baseball gloves are not allowed. A detailed method of setting out the foul lines and foul poles is given under the baseball pitch construction section. The home circle is the area containing the home plate and batter’s boxes.

Home Run – The home run area is the zone outside and over the Triples Zone upper arc. Sometimes, the outfield fence may run along the upper arc of the Triples Zone, and in this case, a fly ball crossing the Triple Zone arc will be a home run. A strike can be called when a pitched ball goes through the target strike zone in the air.

Turf is a great product to utilize in a wiffle ball field. It is low maintenance, affordable, available in different size or kit options, and custom options as well. It is cool compared to other surfaces, and it’s comfortable and safe for the players. According to, a minimum dimension of 20 feet in width at the home run markers by about 60 feet long from home plate to each home run marker is recommended. Intramural measurements suggest bases be 45 feet apart with the pitcher’s rubber 35 feet from home plate, while suggests putting a pitcher’s rubber 42 feet from home plate.

A much larger professional league field with 95-foot long foul lines or more will accommodate the triple zone and home run area. At the 2022 MLW Valley Wiffs Tournament, held in Mesa, Arizona, in January 2022, tourney rules state that the strike zone should start 15″ off the ground. Of course, dimensions can vary depending on the ages of the players. For example, a child’s strike zone might start closer to the ground.

Some have created original fields, Strawberry Field in Encino, California being the most exquisite. Rick Messina spent over $700,000 constructing Strawberry Field, which features lights for night games, bleachers, and a press box. He also converted a neighboring house into a clubhouse/pub. Fielders can try for a double play if there are no outs and a runner on first.

FIELDERS Free substitution of fielders is permitted among all players in the starting line-up. Fielders being replaced in the field by starting players shall maintain their spot in the batting order. If a replay of the game is ordered, the game shall resume at the point of the protest.