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Why Zuckerberg Now Says Apple’s App Tracking Might Be Good For Facebook

It’s a system that a lot of people see as invasive to their privacy, hence the excitement around iOS soon allowing users to opt-out of this tracking. Several months ago, Apple announced that it will require user opt-in for IDFA , a tool that advertisers use to identify and track users across apps and websites. But if they decline, the app in question will not be able to use ashley parker baby born that tracking method. The change will apply to all iPhone and iPad apps, and it will take full effect in iOS 14.5, which is due out sometime in the next few weeks. New filings this week detail Epic’s long-term program “Project Liberty,” which describes how Epic planned its antitrust battle by forcing app stores to reject Fortnite for circumventing their payment mechanisms.

An in-app message tells you that those menu items have been moved to your profile icon, which, when tapped, brings up a condensed menu. Some have complained the changes are making menu items and options harder to find. Facebook’s internal R&D group, NPE Team, this week launched its latest experiment, Hotline, into public beta testing. The web-based application could be described as a mashup of Instagram Live and Clubhouse, as it allows creators to speak to an audience who can then ask questions through either text or audio. However, unlike Clubhouse, creators can opt to turn their cameras on for the event, instead of being audio-only.

Because of its use of video, upvoted questions and recording, the app has a different vibe than Clubhouse — it feels more like a virtual event than a more casual space. Facebook is catering to this audience, too, by seeking out creators who are focused on doling out professional advice, it says. Consumers last year alsospent3.5 trillion minutes using apps on Android devices alone.

Creators can enable the feature during editing, which could also be useful for times when you want to listen to TikTok privately but don’t have your headphones. The app industry is as hot as ever, with a record218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spend in 2020.

With over ten years in the technology industry, one of them being at Apple, Joe now covers the company for the website. In addition to covering breaking news, Joe also writes editorials and reviews for a range of products. He fell in love with Apple products when he got an iPod nano for Christmas almost twenty years ago. Despite being considered a “heavy” user, he has always preferred the consumer-focused products like the MacBook Air, iPad mini, and iPhone 13 mini.

We have another example just now, with the release of some new developer information for the upcoming Android 12 release. Making it worse, they are dependent on the OEM handset makers and carriers to push out security updates for them, and those third parties have shown little interest in keeping their customers’ phones up to date. Google has much more trouble than Apple keeping their installed base on the most recent Android version.

Facebook continues to see a range of challenges to that astounding pace of ad sales growth. Because of opt-out and fragmentation, this is not nearly as big a deal to them as App Tracking Transparency. Their biggest challenge is regulatory — every member of Congress and all EU regulators seem to have a different beef with Facebook. That threat has been amorphous up until now, but it is finally beginning to take shape. Because of fragmentation, Android 12 and beyond will likely not be on a majority of Android devices for about 2 years.

In January, reports claimed Zuckerberg was readying an antitrust suit over the matter. After raking Apple over the coals in protest of an upcoming iOS 14 feature that will limit ad tracking, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is now saying the change could actually benefit his company. Press coverage so far has focused on US and European countries grappling with the change, particularly Facebook, which ran ads and looked into the possibility of an antitrust lawsuit to battle Apple’s decision. Several reports over the past few days have indicated that some major Chinese tech companies are no less determined to fight or get around Apple’s new policy.

Developers are able to add their own messaging to the pop-up that can explain why you might want to be tracked. While it’s been possible to disable Apple’s identifier for a while – this is done through iOS Settings and then Privacy menus – the iOS 14.5 update turns the process on its head. Now you have to actively opt-in to app tracking, by tapping the ‘Allow’ option, when given the choice.