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Where Should You Sleep if You’re Living Out of Your Car?

Just to be clear, the reason is that we recommend strongly that people do not sleep in rest areas because there have been many cases of serious and violent crime against travelers. I’m not trying to kill your dream of getting on the road, but I’d really think long and hard about your plans, and what you will actually get out of it. I have a feeling, you would be much better off if you waited a little while longer to save up some additional funds, or until you can take this trip yourself. And as for two of you sleeping, even in a conversion van….

To help you with your comparison, we have made these overviews per airport. A high-level overview in a table in which you can see all hotels at a glance. Below the table is a detailed overview in which we list all information regarding the parking and the shuttle. If you hate the stress in the run-up towards your flight just as much as we do than these park, sleep, fly packages might just be what you’re looking for.

A charcoal grille is nice but too dirty and time consuming for me. No gas to spill, no black charcoal everywhere, and no scrambling for firewood. However, it is demanded of you to pack all your items and leave no traces after using the land. Violating this law may get you into trouble with the authority. One reason you are likely to like this place is the privacy you get, as not everyone thinks of going there to sleep in their car.

However, if you’re willing to take the risk, sometimes no one will notice you’re there. However, keep in mind that mall parking lots sometimes attract thieves. Trailheads for long (multi-day) hikes.It is pretty common for hikers to park at the trailhead of a long hike, spend a couple of days hiking, and then come back for their car. Many areas have signs expressly prohibiting camping or overnight stays. These are good spots because usually there is no traffic and you have the spot to yourself at night. You won’t draw any attention, even if cooking a meal outside your truck.

There are a few precautions to keep in mind, but it is generally safe to sleep in your car in the majority of places. Before proceeding, you should know what local laws prohibit sleeping in public. Rest stops and hotels frequently have specific times when you are not permitted to sleep.

You’ll also want to make sure to not show any lights at night in your car. If anyone is looking out their window and sees lights and movement coming from a parked car, they relationship ride or die will probably assume someone is breaking into the car and call the cops. If you don’t know anyone personally who could rent you a place to park, you can always look online.

It is never a good idea to go on an extended roadtrip with an unfamiliar vehicle. You would probably be better off having your current vehicle checked out by a good mechanic with whom you can discuss your plans. A well maintained vehicle is preferable to an unfamiliar vehicle, no matter how many miles it has on the clock. I have read about roadtrip vehicles with a couple of hundred thousand miles, and still going strong.

Read their parking lot signs or ask the security guards if you are allowed to park and sleep in your car. While they have great security, they may or may not look kindly upon non-patrons sleeping in their parking lot. Casino’s are used to guests coming and staying long hours in the night, or overnight, but you don’t want to call unwanted attention to yourself. As a result, a lot of people will wonder whether they are allowed to sleep in a hotel parking lot or not. On this page, we want to give the definitive answer to this question.

We have parked overnight at all of the places listed below so if you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Also make sure that you know when the paid parking hours begin again in the morning so you can be awake and on your way before you’re required to pay. It’s usually best to find an area of the city that isn’t too empty at night so that your car doesn’t stand out. But you will probably want to avoid areas with lots of late-night activity from bars, clubs, concerts, etc. Casinos also make a great parking location because they have public bathrooms and access to food. And if you need something to do other than just relaxing in your car, you can always go into the casino and try your luck against the house.

On top of that, a campground by its very nature means neighbors, many of whom are also sleeping outside and/or in a tent. A criminal looking for an easy opportunity, isn’t going to target someone when a simple scream will likely be heard by a couple dozen other people. Besides, you get to know the people around you, when setting up a tent, cooking a meal, etc.