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What to Wear in Puerto Rico: A Puerto Rico Packing List

If you’re not coming from the USA, then bringing a passport is very important. I recommend that you bring a large circular hat that provides shade to your face and neck. If you don’t take any medicine, then anything like Tylenol and Dramamine is perfect to carry with you in case of emergencies.

So, what you should pack for Puerto Rico depends on when you plan to go. Plus get access to 100+ more FREE downloadable packing lists. Clothesline– My Litegear braided clothesline was perfect for drying my towel and swimsuits. You can buy this specific brand on Ebags, or you can read out another brand of clothesline here. Purse or daypack– A tote or purse should work to bring to the beach and to carry around the city. Flip flops or cute sandals– Bring a pair of sandals to pair with a dress or skirt for going out at night.

I can lose those while fishing or exploring around and not be too sad about it. Puerto Rico is hot and tropical, and the sun doesn’t mess around any time of the year. If you don’t wear sunscreen, you risk ruining your vacation with a bad sunburn.

From bioluminescent bays to historic Spanish forts to rainforest hikes, this little island truly has something for everyone. Personally, I like to do lots of different things in a trip, so this was a perfect escape for me. Because of the variety of activities the Island of Enchantment has to offer, you might be asking yourself what to pack for Puerto Rico.

After 2020, it’s clear that hand sanitizer is something you should always carry with you, but small sanitizer bottles easily get lost. This travel-size hand sanitizer holder features a safe harness hook so you can attach it to your backpack or pants. I also recommend that you bring a long sleeve shirt that protects your arms and upper-body. If you go hiking or to the beach, then you should not expose yourself to the sun for multiple hours, even if you are using sunscreen. Some beaches in Puerto Rico are filled with rocks as you enter the waters, it’s best to bring a pair of water shoes to protect yourself from the sharp enemies of the sea.

Puerto Rico’s tropical climate boasts hot weather year-round, however during the rainy season it’s best to always be prepared. This umbrella is sturdy, large and even comes with a strong protective case, just what you want in your what is the drinking age in iceland backpack in case of sudden rain shower. This umbrella will not only come in handy while you’re in Puerto Rico but will be a staple in everyday life too. So I would definitely add bug spray to your Puerto Rico packing list.

Honestly, packing for this trip might seem a little daunting but it really isn’t. And I’m here to help; this Puerto Rico packing list has all you’ll need for a variety of different activities. Visitors arriving in Puerto Rico will need a vaccination card or a negative Covid-19 test done within 72 hours of their trip. Daily essentials include light clothing, face masks, swimwear, flip flops, reef-safe sunscreen, and mosquito repellent.

If you’re hiking during your Puerto Rico trip, hiking sandals or shoes of some kind are imperative to add to your packing list. Now that you’ve got your packing list, time for some Puerto Rico travel tips. The flight time from Miami to Puerto Rico is approximately two and a half hours.