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What to Wear in Puerto Rico: A Puerto Rico Packing List Puerto rico vacation outfits, Puerto rico vacation, Puerto rico trip

Also make sure to bring along accessories like a money belt, scarf or sarong , and a collapsible tote or day bag for any extra items you might acquire on your travels. If traveling to a city or destination that is prone to pickpocketing, make sure to pack some pickpocket-proof clothing and gear. When traveling to Puerto Rico, it is essential to bring a waterproof bag in order to keep your belongings safe, especially during activities.

Avoid a sunburn with this hat that blocks out UVA and UVB rays completely, while being breathable. Check out other best adventures you can enjoy in Puerto Rico. Here are some of your other basic Toiletries to pack for your Puerto Rico vacation.

Unless you intend to pass through another country, going from the mainland US to Puerto Rico is just like going from Dallas to Denver – you just need a photo ID. It’s a good idea to have multiple forms of ID just in case, but standardtravel ID requirementsfor air travel are all you should need to worry about. For those with allergies, be sure to write down a list of foods, medicines and things to which you’re allergic. Sharing its unique island culture with visitors and locals, Puerto Rico is an idyllic island destination. A Scrubba Portable Wash Bag is a nifty way to wash clothes without a washing machine.

I would bring 3 swimsuits for one week in Puerto Rico so I never have to suffer the indignity of putting on a wet bathing suit, because no one — and I mean no one — has time for that. Packing lists can be quite personal, and I don’t claim that this is the only or most comprehensive Puerto Rico packing list out there. This is what I’ve personally brought on my two trips to Puerto Rico as a minimalist traveler who still likes to look cute when I travel and bring a few of my favorite products. F in the colorful city of Ponce and nearby rum distilleries in the south. Therefore, you should bring both a very light rain jacket with stowable hoodie as well as summer or beach attire when planning what to pack for Puerto Rico. Turkish towelIf you have read any of my other packing lists, you know I’m obsessed with my Sand Cloud Turkish towels.

Swimming and snorkeling, too, are thoroughly enjoyable – even more fun with a snorkel guide! There are plenty of tours that offer insights and histories of the area, but you can also manage it on your own with a map. Puerto Rico is part of the United States, but its climate is that of the Caribbean! It’s home to colorful rainforests, historic cities, dreamy beaches and much more.

Finally, triple-check that you have a copy of your vaccine card or negative COVID test results handy. While many places have loosened or lifted COVID restrictions, there are still some destinations, public venues, and events that require one of these forms of proof to proceed. Enter the great debate of the rolling vs. folding method! While this is definitely a personal preference, we put two editors to the test to find out which method is in fact, more space-saving. Read on for locals’ best tips on what you should pack for exploring everything Puerto Rico has to offer.

If you’re staying close to your accommodations, walking is easiest but bicycles are also common and can often be rented. In larger cities like San Juan you can take public torch lake to do transportation like the buses that serve the area. This is ideal, as it’s fairly cheap and you can hop on and hop off as you decide what you’d like to do that day.