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What Is the Difference Between a 2-Seam and 4-Seam Fastball?

Though both are delivered at a quick velocity, the 4 seam is much faster. As previously mentioned the 2 seam fastball, only two seam lines come under the pitcher’s grasp. While in the 4 seam fastball, the whole horseshoe seam is held.

When looking at the qualified pitches, you will see a cluster around the 0,0 mark. As the majority of a sample is closer to the average, it makes sense that most pitches fall near that area. As each point moves farther away from the center, the deadlier that fastball arguably becomes. A four-seamer that drops away much sooner than expected will be difficult to hit.

It is subject to a guess of their finger positioning, and that those freeze-frames are an accurate representation of Hader and Sale’s entire season’s worth of pitches. Nevertheless, it does make sense intuitively that Hader’s 3-quarter arm angle and finger positioning would give him more vertical movement and less horizontal movement than Sale. It should also be noted that Hader’s active spin percentage is 96.7% whereas Sale’s is 87.9%.

This is generally achieved by pressing down with the middle finger and rotating your wrist so you are doing a sort of karate chop when the ball is released. The more the rotation is straight up and down, the more drop the ball will have. The more the rotation is tilted, the more horizontal movement the ball will have instead of vertical.

The four-seam fastball grip has been a part of baseball for as long as baseball has existed. Then you have pitchers who just reel back and throw the ball as hard as they can in hopes of blowing the batter away and sending him back to the dugout wondering what just happened. Chris Young with the San Diego Padres throws a straight-overhead four-seam tapas valentine fastball during a pregame bullpen warmup. Creating a little more side spin on the ball allows it to generate a little more movement. 2 Seam FastballA 2 seam fastball is typically taught to more experienced players who are looking to add to their pitching repertoire. Most baseball players were taught at an early age how to throw a 4 seam fastball.