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What Hair to Use for Butterfly Locs? Wrap & Crochet Methods

Even so, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started. “Never remove locs late at night after a rigorous workday or any time that you’re extremely tired or exhausted, as it takes a little time to remove the locs,” says Joseph. Setting time aside to really work on removing the locs will also avoid any possibility of accidentally cutting your own hair. Wrap one side of the freetress hair on the other side and loosen your hold on the base while trying to achieve the butterfly effect look with your locs. Simply take two pieces of water waves locs extensions and separate into two. You can use jumbo square box braid parts, zig-zag parts, diamond parts, or triangle box braid parts.

You can feed-in marley hair at the base of each braid to achieve thicker locs, or add it only to the bottom of your braided natural hair to achieve extra length. It’ll all be covered with water wave hair in the wrapping step. Crochet locs are a popular method for creating butterfly locs. This method uses a crochet needle to attach the hair extensions to your natural hair. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is very versatile. You can create any type of loc style you want using this method.

Below, Courtney explains everything you need to know about this trending style. This style is relatively new, so not a lot of brands have pre loc’d hair that you can just crochet in. So most of you what you’ll see below is hair used doing the Braid-and-Wrap method.

Try a straight-back low pony or part your locs over to the side and gather at the nape of your neck for a more chic version. This is where the braid/loc placement becomes so important. Right now, your braids may look skinny and somewhat bare. Pay special attention to the braids that will frame your face. Apply a small amount of strong hold gel along each part to keep things neat and secure as you work.

Step by step how to butterfly locs tutorials, type of hair used for butterfly locs, maintenance tips and easy butterfly locs hairstyles you should try. Most people use water wave hair to achieve this hairstyle. I would recommend 22” Freetress Water Wave hair for long butterfly locs. You can also use pre-looped butterfly locs crochet hair to achieve this style.

You have to wrap the wig around and connect it well. If the idea of waking up and spending no more than five minutes getting ready is seriously appealing then butterfly locs are the fall hairstyle for you. Use a crochet needle to add a one piece of your water wave hair at the base of your braid using the needles hook. Close the hook and pull the hair how to get curly hair without a perm less than halfway through the root of your braid. How to criss cross braided hairstyles featuring criss cross butterfly locs, criss cross stitch braids, criss cross soft locs and more. A quicker alternative is the crochet method, which involves cornrowing the hair before attaching pre-made non-distressed faux locs to the braids using a crochet hook.

Use a crochet needle to crochet premade locs into your cornrows for a fluttery finish. If you’re comfortable with a crochet needle, this method tends to be a bit quicker. Just before you start crocheting hair with long butterfly locs, you need to have the material ready. Choose a Freetress water wig suitable for crochet, which has a lot of stretch. To achieve this style of butterfly locs protection, you will need at least about 6-8 packs of curls. The expansion pack you need depends on how complete and how long you want your butterfly locs to be.

For upkeep, you will need to look for the locs that are too distressed or loose and to redo them. In addition, you should massage a hair oil into your scalp regularly. If there are any flyaway hairs, you can smooth them out using a hair mousse. In case your hair has grown out too much, you may want to take the hairstyle out and then to start over. Butterfly locs are gaining more and more popularity these days and no wonder.

Do a circle after the tail you need to keep wrapping. Instead of crocheting synthetic hair all over cornrows, leave some out for a show-stopping hybrid take on the trend. This is ideal for the uninitiated as you can see and feel more of your scalp than in a full butterfly loc style.