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What Does Full-Bodied Red Wine Mean? Pacific Rim and Company

There are also phenolic compounds, which come naturally from the grapes, skins, seeds and stems. What really determines the alcohol content of a wine, and thus the heaviness of the wine? In many instances, this is determined by the variety of the grape and the climate jorja fox spouse at which it is grown in. While it is colorless and odorless, it is weightier than water, so this will give a wine a slight thickness. It can be said that wines that have 12.5% alcohol or less are lighter bodied than those wines that come in at 14% or higher.

Meanwhile, any wine that has 13.5% of alcohol is full-bodied. Perhaps the best-known Madiran is Château Montus, which is 80% Tannat and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. Château Montus is very flavorful, with striking ripe fruit flavors and intense color.

Despite its delicate, pale pink color, each sip is lush with flavor, from tropical passionfruit and zesty citrus to refreshing melon. This has the potential to be your new summer go-to, so we’d suggest stocking up. Tannins are naturally occurring in wine and are a natural antioxidant. They are essential for aging wine because they attach to oxygen compounds and keep them from oxidizing. Our Wine Calendar is the perfect gift to give or get this holiday season. 24 opportunities to sip and explore your way through premium wines, sourced all the way from Spain, Sicily, California, and beyond!

Here, the prevailing grape is the sturdy Tannat, and the wine must contain at least 40% of that grape, along with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine has a long and rich history, although AOC Cahors as a classification has only existed since 1971. There are 18 separate and named village wines, such as Côtes du Rhône Villages . As you learn and grow on your wine journey, you will notice more subtleties in each of your favorite wines. Wine is a complicated subject to understand, especially for those who are learning.

When thinking about what kind of wine to pair with dinner, remember that stronger, more robust flavors tend to be paired best with equally full-bodied wines. Almost exclusive to Austria, Gruner Veltliner can take on two characters, one of a highly acidic, lighter bodied, fresher crisp nature. The second style of Gruner Veltliner takes a weightier, fuller bodied and more complex nature. This second nature highlights the peppery quality and gives a dry and rich texture.

An aromatic, medium to full bodied wine with low acidity, Viognier is known for its clear, golden colour and its strong floral aromas of fresh lavender, orange blossom and pollen. While the nose touches on sweetness, the taste is dryer, making this full bodied white a dry wine. In its most classic cases, it holds bold apricot flavors coupled with ripe peaches. A light-bodied wine has a higher acidity level, a lower alcohol content, fewer tannins, and less color. Light bodied wines are generally the white wines people think of as being crisp and refreshing. Because they are so light, many wine drinkers have found that these varieties pair beautifully with light foods, including but not limited to seafood and salads.

We created these Scott Labs wine style guides to provide both process and product recommendations for helping winemakers achieve their stylistic goals. As a wine lover, you come to appreciate the intensity and complexity of certain wines as you taste them for the first time. So, now you know how to pick a glass of wine that will perfectly fit your palette. Chaumette will make sure to serve you a wine that will quench your thirst and satiate your desire for something elegant, flavorful, and enjoyable. You simply cannot go wrong when you pick Chaumette Vineyard and Winery for your day off, a special night away, or even your wedding day. No matter the occasion, Chaumette will have the perfect wine for you.