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However, it may be up to 4 weeks before we publish it, as, prior to approving your submission, we may have scheduled other articles in our editorial calendar. We will also email you if your article goes live on our blog. We can create an opportunity for you to write as a guest blogger on many renowned wedding blogs. While you work for us, you need to maintain a high standard in writing. You should write about three to four articles every week once you become a permanent member of the writing team.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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All submissions should be in American English. Also, please refrain from using words or sentences that convey any type of bias or sweeping generalizations. Justify your claims in an article by citing and linking to recent studies, research, or surveys . Ensure good use of spacing, styling (bold, italics…), imagery/videos, proper titles, subheaders, and section heads that drive the user to think – “I want to know more”.

You may, however, post a brief summary on your blog that links to the post. We L🤍VE to receive fresh, new, top-notch content that can help to fill our content schedule. You should also add subtitles, headings, and bullet points to ensure that the content is easy to read. reserves the rights to remove links, bio data, images itself.

Real wedding blog posts are most likely to rank on Google for the venue’s name (if you optimize them well!). So if SEO is important to you, describe the wedding venue in more detail than other vendors do. If you have a photo that goes with this post, feel free to send us the photo link. Also, mention the photographer’s name in the caption. Please, please Do NOT upload photos you have no legal permissions to share! The Wedding Avenue accepts article submissions on nuptial-related themes only.

For example, if you’re a florist, share that the bride asked for a romantic English garden feel to the flowers, and which flowers you chose that you knew she’d love. You want readers to get a sense for the couple immediately so they can see themselves as similar and really spark their attention. Or, they can recognize that this couple isn’t quite their cup of tea. Write 2-4 short and crisp lines about yourself. You can link it to your blog, Facebook, or Twitter page as well.

Is it a special place his family vacations every year? Research & Inspiration Gathering inspiration, finding your wedding vendor team, and collecting ideas for your big day. Experts may share a brief excerpt of case study only to support their advice in an article. To make the copy easy to read and understand, use multiple subheadings. It provides a better understanding of your article.

Your words should capture the audience and have them ready to read more. Below are Google search queries to help you find more guest posting opportunities. Thank you for your interest in learning how toAdvertise Your Businesswith us! We also accept list type and infographic posts. Do you have a story to tell about your wedding day? Did you plan it to perfection, in nanoscopic detail; or did you forget the rings?