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Keep it simple like this or you can add some accessories as a stylish finishing touch. Dark red is one color that is perfect for giving curled box braids a bit of edge. Put an edgy twist on long curly box braids by asking your stylist to shave in an undercut or fade.

Wet your braided sections with water to allow your hair to take a waved shape. Make sure the water is not too hot, or it may cause damage and frizziness to your box braids. hotel bloxburg Once you’ve positioned your ponytail, begin to wrap your braids around themselves to form a bun. Use bobby pins to keep your style in place as you go along.

She then braids the individual braids into three large braids and runs her flatiron over the giant braids to set them. Her technique is similar to the others, and the primary difference is that she leaves the ends of her braids unbraided. Bre’Aunna is a self-taught stylist in the California Bay area.

Repeat this process with each section until all your hair has been curled, dipped, and dried. Then, remove the flexi rods from your hair by unwrapping them, and you should have lovely curled ends. Whichever option you choose, the curling part will be the same. Grab some flexi rods and take a section of your hair, then wind and twist the flexi rod around the ends of each section up to about the lower half of your hair. If you want tight curls, you’re going to separate your hair into smaller sections, and if you want looser curls, make the sections bigger. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to create beautiful box braids with curled ends.

After you’ve taken out a braided style like box braids, micro braids, or feed-in braids, give your hair a break before reinstalling fresh braids. Then go for these three-toned crochet box braids. The natural black hair is complemented with ashy white extensions followed by a pretty green shade of extensions. The three different colors go well with each other and add pizazz to the look. It is a different hairstyle and has a boho-chic carefree vibe to it.