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The captain immediately started to recruit Valarjar Aspirants. Their enemies’ transgressions had gone unchecked for long enough. It was time for the Valarjar champions to deal with them, backed up with the newly recruited troops. Ghrent informed the hero that one of their own had been taken prisoner by Odyn’s sworn nemesis, Helya.

The hero entered the main area and took the passageway with Ragnvald and Finna. Ragnvald felt that the hallway mens cowboy boots with zipper on the side was too quiet, and had a bad feeling. Suddenly, spiders fell from the ceiling, and onto Ragnvald’s head.

He told them that they would fly in and scout the ideal point of attack. The demons were still drunk on their victory, but Saurfang and the hero would put a swift end to their revelry, and bring honor to their dead. Saurfang gave the hero his spare mount, Makka, and together they flew to the Broken Shore.

If their forces managed to bring back Einar the Runecaster alive, he could aid them in using powerful runes to advance the power of their armies. Danica the Reclaimer told the warrior hero that it was time to begin the war for Azeroth. They had prepared a tool for them called the Eye of Odyn, a powerful scrying and communication device. With it they would be able to see theBroken Isles, direct and send orders to their champions, and enact their own special operations from Skyhold. The Val’kyr took them to Skyseer Ghrent, who would help them manage the Eye, and for whom it had been a while since he had talked to the living. Being slain in combat had given him a calmer outlook in this emergency than other warriors.

As the hero said that they wanted him to join their army, Odyn replied that this was absolutely out of the question. King Ymiron betrayed his people and doomed them to a cursed existence. He might have died while fighting valiantly but Odyn abhorred him, and the feeling was mutual. The hero agreed, but asked what better punishment could there be than to be forced to serve him for the rest of time.