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Vote for the Best Smash Up Faction

This one introduces 2 new important mechanics, Burying and Dueling, which bring us a fresh air of new gameplay, which is always much appreciated. Rock Stars is one of my favourite factions of the game and I’d recommend anyone to try it at least once. All these 4 factions are really good picks and they can easily support most of the other factions of the game. But what is even cooler is the absolute surprise of seeing 5 factions instead of the standard 4! Personally speaking, that wasn’t expected at all, and I must say I was very happy when I opened the package. Each of your minions of power 5 or more gains +2 power until the end of the turn.

And it’s a hell of a lot of fun, if you can get it going. You can only imagine how many combinations this makes with every expansion! The Bigger Geekier Box has the most comprehensive Smash Up rulebook currently available.

The other players will rely heavily upon the Pirates to keep these two super factions in check. You usually do not want to pair these guys with another creature-removing faction, such as Ninjas, but they will be a fine partner ucsc cs classes to any others. In Smash Up, you’ll be combining two faction decks to destroy bases and earn victory points against your opponents. The different factions you can combine make for some insane battles and crazy combos.

The “plus” sides are power tokens while the other side are VPThis is imperative for factions that gain benefits from actual power tokens. The absolute best thing about Smash Up is in the name. Nerds can finally live out their wildest dreams by smashing together two factions of their choice to become one big fighting machine. From ninjas and pirates to dinosaurs and robots, or sumo wrestlers and grandmas with guns.

A general rule of thumb is that the active player gets to decide in which order this happens. If during the scoring bases phase of a turn, a base has breached its Breakpoint, then it is scored. Before it is done so, players are given a chance to use some abilities that might be eligible at this stage. This could reduce the power level on that base below the Breakpoint, but you must still score the base.

Killer Plants are a good faction to learn about planning turns ahead.

For newer expansions, you’ll want to check out the pages on the Smash Up wiki. This is the first box of the Smash Up expansions that introduces Titans. You may move a minion of power 3 or less from here to another base, or from another base to here. Destroy a minion of power 2 or less here to place a +1 power counter on this minion.

With your deck now built, and shuffled, it’s time to start claiming some bases and scoring some points. A number of bases are dealt out, each base having a threshold and three scores. To win the base you simply have to be the player with the highest combined power of minions when the total power of all minions at the base exceeds the threshold. Players then get awarded points for first, second and third place as outlined by the base card. Most cards take a traditional route and award less points the further down the podium you stand; however the odd base will do something sneaky like offer more points to the player in second place.

They don’t have a power value and will often go straight into the discard pile. You can score victory points by placing your minions on bases to build up the power level and, once a base reaches its power breaking point, being one of the most powerful players on that base. You have to grab this most recent expansion for a number of reasons.