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You can also use those big square sticky notes to write on, and just stick them in the book. Love when I can sit down with a book and fully annotate it, and it’s an excuse to buy great stationery (transparent post-it notes are my fave). Personally, though, there are a few types of books I’m more likely to annotate than others. Firstly, I’d annotate books I’m reading for a book club. As we have some in-depth discussions about these books, I want to really get into them. So I’m more likely to annotate a book club book.

Discounts when you use our content writing services. It helps you build a deeper connection with the characters, bringing you closer to the book. Sometimes, Annotations can be deep and concise, while other times, it is for fun. Annotating a book shouldn’t feel like a chore, or you should not pressure yourself into sounding smart and insightful. Put the color tab at the beginning of the book, and then write what scene/phrase it refers to. Put stars next to anything that gives you pause – either positive or negative.

This is especially important when you are trying to build your vocabulary. Whenever you come across a new word or an uncommon word, quickly circle it, or if circling seems too outrageous for you, then underline it. When I first started annotating, I used to jot down all the words in a plain paper bookmark. But eventually, I stopped doing that as it used to break my reading flow.

Sometimes, especially if it’s a special edition or was a gift, I will write on sticky notes and add them into the book so as not to ruin the pages. Ofc, you can’t start annotating books until you have the right supplies for it. All you need are highlighters, Post-it flags, pens or pencils and a good book.

My annotating strategy is ever-evolving and it very much depends on the book, especially in terms of genre. I find that fantasy requires more annotating and more categories. I like to use different colours for world-building, character development, memorable lines, etc. I find this helpful when I go to write a review or if I am going to talk about a book on YouTube. While this is a pretty clever way of keeping your books looking like new, it does have some disadvantages.

Let’s put aside scholarly annotations for a moment and focus on the annotations that a readers makes simply for understanding their favourite book. They vary from adding a one word reaction beside a passage to writing chapter end commentaries on your book. Furthermore, annotation is a beneficial exercise if you are a literature student or a writer.

Choose a highlighter in a shade that is easy for you to read on the page, such as a light blue or orange color. The standard yellow highlighter shade would also work too. Go for a pen in a dark color so it’s easy to read.Try to stick to one highlighter color for the annotation so you ways to annotate a book do not end up with highlighted pages that are hard to re read. I’m not sure how it relates to annotating but I’ll answer it anyway. I am part of a book club so that always contributes to my reading list. Also, if something is coming out as a book or film, I’ll prioritise that.

Don’t assume that you will annotate the book. Otherwise, you will spend time looking for lines to underline or thinking about what to comment on for each paragraph. If you want to get started with underlining and writing in the margins, but don’t want to commit to permanent annotation, you can use pencils. Take a few extra minutes to annotate and fully experience the books. It will help you to enjoy your books more and hence will help you create a reading habit too.