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User guide : How to claim your Local Page on Facebook?

Using this method will only result in the reported content or Page being removed from Facebook. Facebook will not change the Admin control of the Page. Just like creating a page, you will need to enter information about your business. When you’re done, submit it for Facebook verification. Higher brand visibility on Facebook, and this will help your customers or followers find your official page.

You must use your business email address to claim a Facebook page of your business. You can claim an unmanaged Facebook page for your business to gain admin privileges. After successful verification, other people cannot be able to claim this Facebook page without your permission. The followers, hubspot sql likes, check-ins, and reviews of the duplicate page will be merged to your verified Facebook business page. But the condition is, you should be the original person who owns it. The question is how someone can create a duplicate Facebook page of a business when they are not the business owners!

” You will need to fill out a form reporting the violation. Include a brief, factual account of the situation with a minimum of emotional language. You’re telling Facebook the facts, not trying to convince a subjective judge.

First, you need to claim your Facebook account using ID verification, and then you can get back your business page. You may need to send a mail to Facebook and get back your FB account. You can merge Facebook pages if they are related to a similar thing and have similar names. Also, the address mentioned in all these Facebook pages should be similar to each other to ensure that all these pages are of the same business association.

Go to the Facebook Page you want to reclaim. Sometimes a Page will exist for your business or organization even if you didn’t create it. This usually happens when someone “checks in” at your location or an automatic Page is generated by Wikipedia.