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Understanding The Hair Cuticle & Your Natural Hair: 3 Things To Know

Before applying the product to your hair, rub your hands together to distribute it evenly. When applying, start at the ends, and then gradually work your way to the mid shafts. Leave-in conditioners are the best heat-protectants for 2a, 2b, 2c hair types.

A good Keratin treatment was done professionally and with proper technique and hygiene should last you for at least 6 months. A Professional stylist will need 2-3 hours to perform Keratin treatment on you and the effects may take anywhere between a day or two to show effects. Therefore, a similar Brazilian Keratin treatment can be an option that takes lesser time and shows results very quickly. On the other hand, there are some keratin treatments meant to be 100% Organic and safe for your hair. Caring for your hair tint treatment is important for maintaining the health of your hair and longevity of the tint.

You should cut nails to the shape of the finger, straight across and rounded on the edges. This shape increases the strength of the nail, making them less prone to breaking. Toenails should have a separate, designated clipper. Although shorter nails will lessen the habit, avoid biting or picking at the skin around nails as this can lead to nail infections and pain. Many people are unaware of the importance of keeping nails healthy. Changes in your nails such as discoloration, swelling, and thickening can actually reflect the state of your health.

Shoulder-length cuts, side parts, and beach wave looks are popular hairstyle choices among people with 2A hair. Another easy way to enhance your waves is to tie your hair in braids overnight. Wash your hair and let it air-dry until it is damp. Then, divide your hair down the middle and weave both sections in braids.

If your diffuser has plastic pieces over the holes, place it to your scalp and massage in circles. Not only will it give as many waves as possible, but it will also keep up with the lift in the roots. If your attachment doesn’t feature those plastic elements, you can massage the head with your fingertips, clawing your hand over the diffuser. When you have long and defined waves kissing one another and falling on your back, you don’t need to go too much with styling. A simple twist with a tiny accessory is a nice way to put everything together and make your look complete. Apply jojoba, coconut, or olive oil every week to nourish your 2A type hair.

When hair professionals talk about porosity, they mean your hair’s ability to soak up moisture. If your hair is highly porous, it has a lot of holes in its surface layer, called the cuticle. It’s really easy to break them if you comb roughly or too often, and it’s vital to frequently nourish short hair pin curls the hair with rich conditioners. Though some stylists swear by styles that allow you to tuck away fragile ends to protect them while they grow out, Castillo says these styles often do more harm than good. While the hair is out of sight, it’s also out of reach for conditioning treatments.