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Understand missing & delayed reviews Google Business Profile Help

So naturally, Google is going to say, wait a minute, something’s not right here. You only had 50 reviews on your Google listing for the last five years and all of a sudden you got 100 reviews for three days. Small and medium businesses significantly rely on Google My Business reviews to promote their brand and attract new customers. Your customers want to express how excellent your products and services are for them. That’s why I am comfortable recommending that small business owners spend time gaining new reviews, rather than chasing those that have been removed.

Those that are false, of course, would never make it into the index. Some “fake” reviews will not be flagged as such and show up in the index. The above is just one of a few examples of how “fake reviews” are generally flagged, uncovered, and dropped from the index. I guess I need to be patient for a bit longer – there are still at least 6 reviews missing for one of my clients.

Isn’t it great when your customers love you SO much that they want to tell everyone how great you are?!?! This is the downside – unless the customer writes unique reviews on each review website, you may risk multiple reviews being removed, not just on Google Business Profile. If you’re asking “Why did my Google topnana My Business reviews disappear? ” The most common answer – Google’s spam detection algorithm has flagged some of your reviews, and they have been removed by Google. Google reviews should reflect a customer’s genuine experience. It should not be posted with malintent to manipulate a company’s review rating.

It’s probably unlikely a Google employee would ever need to access your specific Google Business Profile page. A phone number in the review is a big trigger for possible spam. If you’re not prioritizing your Google Business Profile in your SEO strategy, you’re missing out on qualified leads and sales to your competitors, guaranteed. Businesses should strive to generate reviews on their Google Business Profile organically, meaning a consistent cadence of new reviews is generated each month. Reviews containing sexually explicit material and/or the sexual exploitation of minors will be removed immediately.

So it can be frustrating when you go to check on a review and discover it has disappeared. You can offer an incentive for customers to leave a review, such as a discount or a prize. You can do a few things to ensure your own business doesn’t lose any valuable and hard-earned reviews.

They were too busy and I was becoming a bit of a pain, but they took time in the end to write me a great review. It has been removed by Google… its embarrasing to me and looks bad on my business that I have wasted my clients time asking them to do this for nothing. Hey Travis, Would you happen to know any reason why all of my reviews pre-2017 are deleted? I have been in business since 2011 and had several reviews prior to 2017. There were some 1-stars that I am glad are off, but 99% of them were 5 stars and real… Thanks in advance for the help.

Reviews submitted over the last week that were not appearing on Google Business Profiles due to this issue should be posted by the end of this week. There has been an insane number of users reporting that they are missing Google reviews at the Google Business Profile forum these last couple of weeks. Today Google shared an update that I wanted to share here as well. For Google reviews not showing up for other reasons, you can enquire to Google using the same below steps as you would if you were to report an inaccurate policy violation. In most cases, Google transfers all the reviews to the new location on Google Maps that your business has relocated to, but sometimes this may not be the case. If your business is new on Google, it’s possible that customers haven’t come across your Google Business Profile yet as it might not have started ranking highly and is difficult to find.