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Imagine waiting months for a particularly tough-to-get autograph only to see it ruined because the ink isn’t sticking to the card. Luckily, there are several simple processes to make your glossy cards autograph-ready. You should write their full address as a recipient and your address as the sender. You should address the smaller SASE envelope to yourself.

To insure collectors have a proper understanding of what these may refer to, we have provided a listing below. Do you remember sending fan mail to your favorite baseball players growing up? One Christmas, I asked Santa for a book of stamps and a box of envelopes. In the back of the Price Guide magazines, I’d find the team addresses. Off went a letter to my favorite player with a SASE (self-addressed-stamped-envelope).

While the odd player might sign a request sent to their home address, A LOT of players do not respond to TTM requests sent to their home address. Several have come out to condemn it, calling it rude and invading. The next step is to write a letter of request to the selected athlete, asking that they sign your card. This is usually the most confusing part for most people as they find themselves overdoing it.

While a Google search might show you the player’s address, most players have more than one home. Once the card has been signed, the player would simply put it in the return envelope, seal it and drop it in the mailbag. The easier you make it for them, the higher your success rate.

Of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig that belonged to their Yankees teammate! We’d love to speak with you regarding your collection. Shout out to SCF for having all of this info up; really enjoyed writing to players again. If you look through the how do you say hi in russian manager, it really looks like most of the NASCAR drivers are this way. Obviously when you’re speaking the current most popular guys it’s not, but it looks like even the best-of-the-best legends are.

Further Explanation –For years, trading card manufacturers produced cards in several print runs and were distributed in what were referred to as “series”. As the result of waning interest towards the end of a particular sport’s season, later series were often printed in smaller quantities. As time continues to go by, cards originating from the last series, being more limited in supply, are often more valuable than other cards from the set. Even manufacturers have specific terms for certain cards like Refractor , Prizm and Young Guns . It’s easy for both novice collectors and seasoned veterans to get confused by the verbiage and terminology related to collecting sports cards. This podcast is all about trading cards from different sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball.

By sending a letter, card, and another envelope addressed to me, I’d often get a signed baseball card back in the mail. Ah, the days of asking for a 27-cent stamp for Christmas. Believe it or not, some players still sign autographs through the mail and some teams even mail out FREE fan packs! Here is a little information to get you started back into a fun autograph chase.

While you might want high-profile autographs from the biggest stars, those guys are constantly bombarded with requests and might never get around to your turn. This article shall cover everything you need to know to get started collecting TTM autographs. Keep track of your collection with their PRINTABLE, CUSTOMIZABLE CARD CHECKLISTS. You can even search a set by team and see the value of your collection. Other features include their PRODUCT RELEASE CALENDAR, CARD PICS, and FORUMS.