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You can fill out our contact form located at the bottom of the page to submit your topics. Are you one of those crazy people like us who love travelling and sharing their travel experiences with the world? Well, if you are, then you definitely would love the opportunity to share your travel stories and experiences on such a platform where you can find the right audience. Share your beautiful moments and lovely memories and travel tips to help many other travellers like you to have a great trip. We decided to open up for guest posting to give our readers and entrepreneurs a chance to build their brand.

After all, such stories are meant to be shared with everyone. And, the best part is that you don’t have to be an expert writer or have expensive tools or equipment. All you need to write for us on travel, guide, vacations, wanderlust, travel destinations and tourism among other topics is to have a passion for writing and travel. And, you must be able to follow our guidelines to get started with the process.

AffordablePapers is a cheap custom writing service which do high-quality essays for college students. We’re looking for lists of places to visit in a specific state. If you are a business with a marketing budget who’d like us to publish an article about your brand or product, please head over to our Partnership page. We receive a high volume of pitches, and only accept a very small percentage of the absolute best ones.

We will include an author bio which can have a link to your personal blog or non commercial website. [If you want to include commercial links, you must share article on your social media accounts after we publish it. There is no set price for sponsored posts, but they will include two links to your site as well as maximum exposure through our social media channels. I promote all sponsored posts at the same level as my own.


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Your local town tourists spots would be great and would give readers the insider’s view. And don’t worry about trying to add to my country list, if you’ve been to some great spots in places I’ve already visited then let me know and we can add them in. It all enhances the site and gives my readers more great content to explore. 3 years ago we quit our jobs, put our stuff in storage, and took off on a year-long honeymoon. Today, we share down-to-earth travel tips from our many adventures on our blog andpodcast!