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Top 115 Greek Surnames With Meanings

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During his time, he won countless battles and destroyed hundreds of towns. Scipio defeated him in the battle of Zama and forced him to sign a peace treaty in 201BC. Spartans also had other weapons such as short swords, javelin but their primary weapon was a spear.

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This Greek surname is actually of Italian origin and means “lord” or “masterful”. Also spelt as Kastellanos, it is derived from the word “kastello”. The name is an adjective form and means “castle”. In Greek it is Booras and the word is of Latin origin. It means “a woollen cloth, coarse and reddish-brown with long hair”.

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A wishful phrase, it means “to live” or “may he live”. It is a shortened form of Rellakis and is an occupational surname. It is mostly adopted by embroiders and derived from “reli” which means “hem” or “border”.