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Top 10 Best Pitching Targets for Baseball

Set up the Pitcher’s Pocket on the lowest setting and position it around home plate. Hit balls to your outfielders and have them simulate throwing runners out at home. A great way to train on outfield throwing accuracy to improve outfielders throwing confidence and increase their outfield assists.

It is an accessory that can be attached to various screens or fences and transform any area into a bullpen. The four pockets catch the ball so you can quickly see how many pitches end up in each quadrant. This is perhaps the most portable pitching aid on this list, and it’s also very durable. Now if you’re more advanced and looking for something with a smaller zone to perfect your accuracy even more, then we suggest going with the Pitcher’s Pocket Pro. The Pitcher’s Pocket Pro was designed to mimic the actual size of the strike zone. With the Pitcher’s Pocket Pro you know if the pitch lands in the net you’re throwing a strike, and even hitting the pad is still a great pitch.

You will be able to see your exact arrival dates at checkout. We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information. Superior coverage of shoulder and upper arm to relieve soreness and swelling. Can be worn over clothing or directly against skin without frostbite or skin burn. Ripstop nylon inner fabric provides rapid cold transfer.

Featuring a built-in 9 pocket strike zone, this training tool is ideal for solo pitching practice. The Pitcher’s Pocket is the only industrial-grade training aid that has 9 individual pockets. These individual pockets allow you to keep track of where your pitches land to help improve your accuracy and pitch location. Perfect for throwing bullpens and getting extra reps when there’s not a catcher to catch for you. It goes beyond just catching for you, and helps you work on being more consistent with hitting your spots.

Pitchers can now practice their location, work on pitches, and get warmed up by themselves. The Multi Sport Net Pitch Back Screen from Champion Sports is a heavy duty rebounder that rotates to different angles for ground balls, line drives and pop flies. 42″ x 72″, with Powder coated steel frame and heavyweight nylon netting. Parents can now take their young athletes to their backyard or park and set up the versatile Pro Command and observe them get better at throwing strikes.

If you want a larger net, you will probably still need to transport it and store it. Therefore, easy takedown and transport are of vital importance to a pitching target or net. Smaller targets like attachments and accessories will also be easier to transport and set up than large targets. While all the large targets on our list come with a carrying bag there’s nothing simpler than an attachment that can be easily taken on or off a fence.

The net is made from 60 gauge knotted nylon netting and each rectangle is separated by industrial bungee cord dividers. As long as you take care of this Pitcher’s Pocket as suggested it will not bend, tear, fade, crack, or break in any way. Which means you can reap the benefits skidmore logo for long passed the time you will be needing it. The Pitcher’s Pocket comes with a two year no questions asked warranty, and a five year limited warranty covering the frame. We have the very best selection of softball and baseball pitching aids for all ages and skill levels.

Kevin King is the founder of Anytime Baseball a Dodger fan and a lover of all things baseball. The Designated Hitter is unique to the rest of the targets on this list as it’s one you don’t actually want to hit. Instead, this is a dummy that will stand in for a hitter and give a pitcher a more realistic feel when practicing.