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Top 10 Alternative Transportation Methods HowStuffWorks

The good news is that many major tourist destinations are now equipped with bike-share programs that make it easy to cycle without bringing along your own bike. Prior to taking off on your trip, be sure to familiarize what is the drinking age in iceland yourself with the closest stations to your hotel and other top spots on your itinerary. Because the bikes are usually brightly colored and distinctive, they are easy to spot when you are looking for your next ride.

While it’s not a requirement on airplanes, many parents like having one for their child to sit in as a safety precaution. I purchased a bus ticket on Alsa and was around one hour and thirty minutes to get to Granada. The train would have been around the same amount of time but required one change and was much more expensive. To get to the south of Spain, the best-located airports are in Seville or Málaga. It truly depends on where you want to start your trip and which destinations, but both of these are great starting points.

Plenty of other ways to catch your flight – and some are a lot more efficient than driving yourself. Also, you can’t ignore the importance of trustworthy airport transportation. When you’re headed to Scottsdale there are plenty of other options available to you.

Promo Code expires on date indicated and can be withdrawn at anytime without notice. Nashville – Outside of downtown, Nashville is probably one of the worst offenders in terms of car dependent sprawl and isn’t very walkable. Chicago – In addition to a highly dense urban core and good transit coverage, Chicago is also home to a major Amtrak hub, with trains leaving and arriving from all directions. Furthermore, getting around by bike is easier than in most other US cities. Boston – Built largely in the pre-car-era and home to one of the U.S.’s largest student populations, Boston is rather walkable and accessible by public transit.

They are the best in class and you can’t go wrong using them on your trip. Whether it’s two months, two years, or just a two-week vacation, travel doesn’t need to cost a ton. The key is to get out of the mindset that you must travel using a flight/hotel combination. Using out-of-the-box, nontraditional ways to travel can lead to big savings.