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The Ugly Truth About judge edward mcloughlin

According to Addimando, her partner, Christopher Grover, had physically and sexually abused her for years. She claimed that she shot Grover while he sat on their couch after he had threatened her with the gun. She was convicted of second-degree murder as well as criminal possession of a handgun. In 2019, New York passed a law that made her eligible for a reduction of her sentence as a victim of domestic violence. However, in February 2020, Judge Edward McLoughlin ruled that her case did not meet the requirements of a reduced sentence because, according to the judge, she could have left her abuser.

Partner websites are free to search but there may be a charge to view full transcriptions and download documents. The jury was able to see images of Nikki in compromised, humiliating positions — bound, gagged, and naked — without any surrounding context as to who owned the account, and what the account owner wrote in descriptions and hashtags. The trial court denied Nikki her right to strike a juror of her choice, which could result in a reversal of her conviction. There was no conflict of interest, as the witness’ DWI charge was unrelated to Nikki’s abuse or actions. McLoughlin, 51, appeared on the Republican, Independence, Conservative and Reform ballot lines.

Yet the account name — Groverespect — and the biographical details on the account matched the evidence submitted at trial about Grover, including his name, age, gender, and interest in martial arts and cinematography. Moreover, the detective’s testimony — “hey told us that the gun was wiped down” and that “hey told us that there appeared to be residue left over from it being wiped off” — was clearly hearsay. Nikki’s attorney had no conflict — she had no relationship with the witness or his prior representation, and was not working in the Public Defenders office at the time of his representation. After 9 months on the case, Nikki’s original attorney Kara Gerry, a Dutchess County Public Defender, was unlawfully removed on the eve of the Grand Jury. Prosecuting ADA Chana Krauss purported that because a “critical witness” to the prosecution was once represented by the Dutchess County Public Defenders, Nikki’s counsel had an “unwaivable conflict” and should therefore be removed.

In 1977, he joined the New York State Anti-Corruption Special Prosecutor’s Office as a special assistant attorney general. He then worked from 1981 until his appointment to the bench in 1983 as a deputy executive director of the Executive Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice. The imposition of penalties under the Tax Code did not constitute the administration of justice. Which supports the view that the recovery of penalties under the Income Tax code are not criminal in character, being a decision of the former Supreme Court, is not binding and has been wrongly decided. The reasoning of the courts as to the nature of offences contrary to the customs code are relevant to penalties imposed by the Income Tax Acts.

She said her sister was a friend of Addimando’s and had heard her describe Grover’s abuse of her for more than a year before his death. Addimando testified that Grover hurt and sexually abused her for years, even shortly after their son was born and during her second pregnancy. Her lawyers presented numerous photos others had taken of her injuries and sexually degrading photos that Grover took of her − usually with her arms bound behind her back − that he posted on a porn website. Grover was the popular head coach at Mr. Todd’s Gymnastics, a children’s gym in Poughkeepsie. Addimando, a former high school gymnast, had worked there as well at one time. She was a 2007 graduate of Roosevelt High School in Hyde Park and a 2011 graduate of SUNY New Paltz, where she had gotten a degree in early childhood education.

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“Unsurprisingly, Ms. Addimando’s story resonates with countless domestic abuse victims, and she realizes both the unique position she is in to help and the positive impact she has the ability to make upon her release,” attorney Garrard Beeney wrote. “I wish more than anything this ended another way,” Addimando said in court before her sentencing. “If it had, I wouldn’t be in this courtroom, but I wouldn’t be alive either, and I wanted to live. I wanted this all to stop. I was afraid to stay, afraid to leave, afraid that nobody would believe me, after losing everything. This is why women don’t leave.” “Governor Hochul is committed to improving justice, fairness, and safety in the criminal justice system, and we are reviewing applications in that context,” spokeswoman Hazel Crampton-Hays said in an emailed statement. The couple met at a gym where they were both employed as gymnastics teachers. In 2012, after Nicole became pregnant, they moved in together to Salt Point, New York.

“He’s a D.A.’s judge and he’s the worst,” says one defense attorney. Washington’s mother, Michelle Doles, was seated in the courtroom, tapping her foot and nervously clasping and unclasping her hands as she waited for her son to be led in. It was one of innumerable court appearances, and each time she left with a new court date, a feeling of uncertainty — and Washington still locked up at Rikers. Over the next months, the remaining trials to come out of the biggest gang takedown in New York City history will begin, the result of an investigation Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has touted as a centerpiece of his time in office.

In 1992, Ned began working as the Dutchess County Assistant District Attorney and in 1995 became the Senior Assistant District Attorney. Ned was responsible for criminal prosecutions of all levels on NY State Penal Law crimes and focuses on homicides, assaults, robberies, burglaries and arson cases. In addition, Judge McLoughlin continues to serve as an adjunct professor of Criminal Justice at Marist College where he has taught for more than twenty years. A lifelong resident of Dutchess County, Ned attended Our Lady of Lourdes High School , class of 1982 , is a 1988 graduate of SUNY New Paltz, and a 1992 graduate of Pace University.

In 2013, Christopher began to force Nicole to have sex with him, and if she refused, he would attack her violently. A second child was born in February 2015, and the violence against Nicole continued. Grover had been filming the abuse and uploading the videos to PornHub without Addimando’s consent. In November 2015, Family Services contacted Jason Ruscillo, a detective from Hyde Park. In preparation for the meeting, Sarah Caprioli of Family Services prepared an affidavit describing the abuse Addimando had told Caprioli about, but Addimando did not sign it. This evidence was suppressed on grounds that the account couldn’t be verified, yet the brief details why this was more than enough evidence to verify a social media profile.