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The MCU’s Ghost Rider: Ranking All 10 Spirits of Vengeance

Since then, it’s become a weapon for all the Ghost Riders in the comics. Even Robbie Reyes can pull it off and he isn’t even powered by a Spirit of Vengeance. Johnny does the attack as his level 3 super in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, meaning he can make Viewtiful Joe relive all the sins he had ever committed and all the innocent blood he has spilled.

Zero isn’t a Spirit of Vengeance at all, but a cybernetic being with Zero’s own memories and personality uploaded into him. Zero was originally a hacker who was killed for stealing information from one of the dystopian Marvel future’s evil corporations. He survived just long enough to upload his own consciously into digital space, where he was found by an artificial intelligence and uploaded into the cybernetic Ghost Rider body.

Crossovers were a vague pipedream, and fans had to content themselves with . Spider-Man 2‘s Doctor Strange name drop or having a guy who sort of looked like Frank Castle show up in the background in the final popular savage usernames for instagram scene. Then it occurs to Blaze that Blackheart has absorbed a ton of souls into himself—which means the penance stare works now, as Blackheart is overwhelmed by the evil and sorrow of the sinners’ souls.

Danny Ketch says he wants to do right and has a plan to take him down. Damion thought he just wanted to take the boy for himself and leave Johnny and Danny to storm the gates of Heaven. Danny said that the boy was the key and he promised his father that’d he would keep him safe. Danny made a deal with the Devil because he want to see Zadkiel fail. So the deal was to get the keys to Heaven and they get a shot at taking down Zadkiel in Heaven. Zadkiel is gathering an army of villains such as Blackout, Orb, Vengeance and others to take down the Ghost Riders on Earth.

But, because of the color of her skin and his father’s strong religious views, the couple kept their love a secret from the world. They were forced to tell Pastor Kale when Magdelena bore Noble’s child. In his realm, Mephisto is omnipotent – so powerful he can defeat the most powerful multiversal beings there, such as Galactus. The cunning Hell-Lord always has a twisted agenda, but I’m putting him at number one on this list because, if it weren’t for him, Johnny Blaze would never even become the Spirit of Vengeance. Dr. Michael Morbius is a Nobel-winning biochemist who worked on a cure for himself, as he was ill his entire life.