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BTW I’m a happily licensed user but I understand some people may have problems paying for software, not just Fork but any software. In that case, you can just keep the repo public, only document for developers but not for end users, make no releases, and if the project is a webapp, make no public URL. From an individual buyer’s perspective, the one-off-purchase is what we are used to. From a business buyer’s perspective, we are used to signing & paying for support contracts. Hence, as @lxnk points out, a business customer will be less reluctant to pay for a subscription.

Eventually, someone posts something off-topic and/or mean-hearted in the thread, so the dev representative shows up to correct that without commenting on the topic of the thread. And to make matters candyland decorating ideas worse, there are countless reports that your guild rivals are exploiting bugs to gain an unfair advantage. It’s hard to stay motivated when it feels like the rules are changing every day.

Feed are a bit of kissing cousin to streaming APIs. Feeds typically involve a standard address that API consumers can periodically poll for updates in a way that it appears as though the data is being fed to them. Feeds typically don’t require any authentication and rely on standard feed protocols like RSS or Atom . Pick this if your “API” involves a feed-type technology like RSS or Atom. This class of API bears some resemblance to streaming, only it’s usually not nearly as real-time. Popular implementations might involve transmission of a batch of data as a file to some inbox via Internet email or the File Transfer Protocol.

USEALLAVAILABLECORES and NOTEXTURESTREAMING seem to be Unreal Engine parameters, but Albion Online does not use Unreal. The last time I played a game with the IPX protocol was in 1995. And I don’t think we have a jetpack in the game. It’s planned to be released with the next content update.

It makes collaboration a whole lot easier. All this triple and quadruple posting with “like this, if…” Since the very start of these forums it has been in my mind to make a topic on ideas and research suggestions.

Only processing the data to be available via API is delayed. We are working on a solution for this so you can see current data as soon as possible. Besides of this data will generally be updated once per day. Hi, That change was not part of this patch and should not have appeared in the patchnotes. We hope to introduce this feature in an upcoming patch. One example use case I was thinking of is a mobile app for the dev tracker.

We see that in the end the game may become a bit easy. We are constantly trying to improve the balancing, so expect changes in many areas, be it time limits or scanning probes. Also, additional enemy types and mechanics that require more resources are planned. We’re making progress, but there still remain a few issues that make the current version “unreleasable”. Hi @cuatro, we have indeed some performance problems with player statistics.

A different “endless” game mode could be cool, we’re considering it, but it is rather something that could be added after full release. Anyone can follow the board to keep a track of things the company is working on and the updates that will soon come to the game. I’ve suggested before that they simply hit the button “like” on a post to acknowledge that they have read it. Nothing came of it though besides liking the actual comment I believe. I mentioned before that I think the addition to bug report titles of , , was a great improvement.