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The Linux Writing Contest by Linode & HackerNoon

You may also wish to set the timezone, configure your hostname, create a limited user account, and harden SSH access. If you have not already done so, create a Linode account and Compute Instance. See our (/docs/guides/getting-started/) and (/docs/guides/creating-a-compute-instance/) guides. The code shortcode renders a copy-to-clipboard button for the reader’s convenience, and the old syntax does not provide this feature. In comparison to other high-end cloud computing services, Linode will allow you to save a lot of money.


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Once you’ve honed your technical writing skills with the collection of resources here, you’ll want to start getting your writing out there where people can read it. Linode want tutorials about Linux, Linode and cloud infrastructure from technical writers and subject matter experts. When using the content shortcode in a guide to embed a shortguide, the shortcode will take the name of your guide’s directory (e.g. example-shortguide-name) as a parameter. In other words, two different shortguides can’t use the same directory name. Extend Markdown Using ShortguidesUsing shortcodes, it is possible to extend a Markdown file with another. For common tasks such as basic software installation, consider using the content shortcode.

If you want to write for Linode, you’ll need a Macbook Pro, Linode, and Git. If you have technical writing experience and are familiar with open-source software and Linux, then you can write for Linode as a Technical Writer Contractor. The company offers a competitive salary and the opportunity to work from home. You’ll be able to use the Linode Write for Us platform and create high-quality documentation.

Here you learn about PODs, Deployments, ReplicaSets, Services, and deploy an example application using this knowledge. CREDIT. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deeded to require Linode to use the Work, or any part thereof, in connection with Linode Guides & Tutorials or otherwise. Credit for the Work shall read, “Contributed by [writer’s name].” Unordered lists are bulleted and should be used for any collection of items that do not necessarily need to be ordered.

Afterward, go on with your Linode creation as you’re used to. Once the status of your Linode is “running” on your dashboard, wait for a couple of seconds and use SSH to log into the server, but not as root, as the noroot user. In this example, you’ll create a bash script that’ll create a non-root user and copy over the SSH key details to this user. Make sure to read and follow their guidelines to increase the chances of getting your articles approved so you can make money off them. A Chicago-based digital product development leader dedicated to exploring new frontiers in technology and design guiding teams to create well-crafted …

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