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The Easy Secrets to a Perfect Home Blow-Dry

This both adds volume and curls your hair. Below, we share with you simple tricks, which turn your blow-dryer into a styling tool and your basic haircut into a trendy fashion statement. Our tips and tricks also prevent your hair from going limp right after you style it.

My hairdryer just died and was coming here for a reccommendation. Then we added a quarter-sized amount of conditioning straightening balm and applied it evenly throughout my hair . Use a gentle wet brush to brush out your hair. I was just using my other bristle brush and not being NEARLY as gentle as I should be.

This isn’t really a blow dry, more of a “how to” tutorial. You will learn how to dry and blow dry bob hair with the best results. You should try getting out of the shower and just adding a bit of frizz free product and scrunch. Great for your hair and it will give you a more relaxed look.

I have the Revlon one and as someone with long thick curly hair that I’d never been able to blow dry on my own, it’s been life altering. I second the hair towel and invisible oil, but I’ve combined all the next steps into just having a hair dryer brush. My hair has never looked better/healthier and my routine has never been easier. Who would not love to have rich smooth long hair with extra lustre? It actually does not take much work to come closer to this dream hair. Distribute styling mousse in your hair after shampooing.

Apply a leave-in conditioner and wrap your hair with a shower cap for deep penetration. Repeat the above steps by blowing downwards along the sections that are left loose. Change the heat setting to medium and the speed to lowest or medium. Ensure to dry the wet hairitage curl cream roots properly and do not apply heat on the roots for more than 30 seconds. Set the blow dryer to the lowest temperature initially with the highest speed setting. This will help dry excess water without stripping the natural moisture and oil of the tresses.

You can also blow dry the sections at a 90-degree angle relative to the brush to really turn under the hair ends and create fantastic volume as well. Use our göt2b® Glam Force® hairspray for the finishing touch and to achieve a day-long hold. According to Vaccaro, many people mistakenly start blow drying the back of their head first. It’s better to start at the most visible sections first, and then work your way back. “The front of hair tends to be the most challenging to smooth—think cowlicks and short wisps—and is also the most visible part of your style,” Vaccaro says. You should pick a brush based on the results you’re looking for and your hair type, says Giovanni Vaccaro, Glasmsquad’s creative director.

Spray or wet your hair if it is dry, or leave it wet after your shower before doing anything else to it. Without further ado, let’s start with the most convenient way of blow drying a bob. Aim at the roots to add volume, then work toward the ends, using the brush to pull hair forward and out. To add lift and set hair, use Aussie Sydney Smooth 12 Hr Anti-Humidity Hair Spray ($4 at drugstores) on almost-dry roots and all over after drying. I’m sure someone has already mentioned this but have you looked into the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer?

Next, you want to protect your hair with a product. It’s not like I haven’t tried this but I honestly didn’t know what do use for my hair, how much of it to use and at what point to put it in??? Janine gave me just a few sprays of invisible oil primer and told me to work it all throughout the hair, evenly, while it is still damp. If you have hair like mine, using something that is heat-protective is key. It will act as an SPF for your hair, and protect it from the sun and heat . I hate my hair feeling product heavy so at first, I resisted, but using this stuff really made a difference and my hair did not feel weighed down by product at all.