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‘The Boondocks’ Creator Aaron McGruder Tells Us About ‘The Uncle Ruckus Movie’

Later in the episode, he is shown false documents stating that he is 50.07% white after the executives in charge of the show become upset over the plummet in ratings that Ruckus’ behavior caused. He is told the original results were performed by a black intern and were erroneous. In “The Color Ruckus,” the possible reason for his hatred towards black people is revealed.

Lamilton Taeshawn, who is based on “Latarian Milton” the 7 year old who jacked his grandmother’s car and went for a joyride, quotes such as “I like to do bad things” and “my friend who smokes wit cigarettes” are said by both Lamilton and Latarian. A friend of Riley’s but, he soon realizes that Lamilton’s intentions were evil. Taking its title after a popular term used to describe sleepiness after eating a large meal, “The Itis” ends up being the name of Granddad’s restaurant. Residents of the predominantly white Woodcrest flock in droves to eat Granddad’s soul food, with the added perk of lounging and napping on the beds they’re served in. Eventually, these loyal customers start to become too gluttonous and lazy. Eventually, The Itis has to close because of pending lawsuits and a fatal heart attack of its first customer.

He’s determined to do anything to build up his “reputation,” no matter how stupid or dangerous it might be. While it’s uncertain if the art displays either young Robert his late wife (Huey’s grandmother) or Huey and Riley’s parents, he shows shock and sadness when he sees Riley’s portrait on the house. In “The Red Ball”, Huey has no choice but to accept Wuncler’s offer to become the captain of the Woodcrest kickball team and recruit other players, as Wuncler betted most of the real estate in Woodcrest to his business rival Long-Dou from Wushung, China. Later in “The Real”, Huey thinks that the government is spying on him, through a secret agent he calls “the White Shadow”. You never forget that there’s a line and you have to figure out how and when to cross it. But no, as vile as it all is, it’s actually a great time.

Afraid of disappointing his new crew, Riley will stop a nothing to recover his chain and rep. EP 15 The Passion of Reverend Ruckus While Ruckus spreads the word of White Jesus to get into White Heaven, Huey tries desperately to save his friend from death row. EP 5 A Date with the Health Inspector District Attorney and law abiding citizen Tom Dubois fits the description of the elusive “X-Box Killer” and is arrested.

Jazmine must deal with being the child of an interracial relationship, and withstand the teasing of Huey and Riley, her next-door neighbors. Despite all this, she manages to remain optimistic and slightly naïve. A proud product of contemporary rap culture, he gary making the cut autism looks up to 50 Cent and once sported a temporary tattoo that said “Thug Blood.” Unfortunately, some of it came off in the tub, and all he was left with was “Hug Boo.” Don’t forget to follow me on operanews by scrolling up and clicking the follow button.

Is the series’ unabashed attitude at confronting homophobia in the Black community. From Riley having the signature catchphrase “y’all niggas gay” being “no homo” adjacent, to witnessing his favorite rapper, Gangstalicious, kiss an ex-homie at gunpoint in Season one. Granddad fears Riley could be gay, while his grandson is actually disappointed he’s the biggest fan of a semi-outted rapper still in the closet.