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The Best Apartment Booking Webites: 25 Sites Like Airbnb

Not to mention, the apartment was adorable and refreshing all at the same time. It felt so good to walk into housing that was clean, modern and simplistic after a long shift. Landing housing is a great way to get the local feel of an area and it makes it easier to meet people living in an apartment environment. Having access to apartment amenities is priceless when in a new area- gym, secure parking, pool, community events, dog parks, etc.! Many apartments are located in the pulse of the city where you’ll find coffee shops, restaurants and the like close by, if not within walking distance. This is a really useful resource to check next time I’m looking to rent an apartment when I’m traveling.

Airbnb may be the best known vacation rental website, but there are a lot of Airbnb alternatives out there, and many have been on the scene for a lot longer. His experience inspired a new business meant to solve these rental woes. For Asia, I would recommend starting with Agoda Homes as Agoda has the most listings for Asia. For Nepal, most loding options are homestays, guesthouses, and hotels but you can also find some apartments and I know Agoda does have a few apartment and vacation rental listings. If you are looking for our personal favorites from this list, you can check out our best vacation rental websites article.

The furniture is good quality not top of the line but way better than ikea. For my next move I plan on booking another landing apartment. If you have a pet Hello Landing accepts them 90-95% of the time, and I believe it is a $25/month fee to have them with you. I entered my card details, and it brought me to a final checkout screen, where there was a space for a referral code. I did some quick looking around online, and you are able to get another $250 off your first month’s rent when you enter one . Due to COVID, my company has decided to commit to working fully remote going forward and I saw this as an opportunity to travel and explore the country by living for extended periods in different areas.

Later that day, the garage door opener stopped working. It took landing 36 HOURS of phone tag to get the keypad number from the building. flax seed make you poop My car was stuck in a garage unit for 36 hours. The day I arrived, Landing had no keys to the apartment, and no parking pass on hand .

This allows us to keep our listing fees low for our community, continues growth and improvements on our website, all while remaining advertisement-free. We primarily do stay in hotels or motels when we travel, but we if are staying somewhere longer or the prices seem too high in a city, we generally go for an Airbnb or similar. If we are staying for a week or more, we usually will book an apartment to stay in as it almost always saves us money. Couchsurfing is designed for people who want to meet and stay with local people and want to be part of the Couchsurfing community, and ideally you return the favor and host people coming through your own hometown. Even if you are not looking for a hosted experience, you can also find people to have coffee with in new places or offer to meet up and have coffee with travelers near you. There are also thousands of events and meetups each year for Couchsurfing community members.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST THIS, as I saw my move in date slowly get pushed back and the more affordable/desirable places slip through my fingers day by day. These members pay a $199 annual membership fee, and their monthly rent is higher—by 10 to 13 percent a month, depending on the unit and location—than what standard renters pay in the same building. Say a unit in New York typically rents for $3,000 a month. A Hello Landing member would pay a premium, $3,300 a month, as well as the membership fee. That would add up to $3,799 a year more in additional rent and fees than what a neighbor pays for a similar unit down the hall.

It provides a curated list of over 8,500 apartments in over 25 cities worldwide. Homestay has properties in 150 countries; however, they have fewer properties than many of the other websites on this list, which means that it can be more difficult to find a property and get a booking accepted. It was also the first apartment company I ever used to book an apartment in France for a week. We’ll provide information on over 20 apartment booking sites like Airbnb and share tips on how to use them so that you will always be able to find the perfect place for your next vacation.

Those staying longer periods of time also often benefit and can save money by choosing an apartment or vacation rental over a traditional hotel. If you have a specific city or region in mind, it’s definitely worth doing a bit of internet research to see if there are any local apartment booking companies. Sometimes you find very localized websites like Airbnb that can help you book somewhere truly unique. If you still are not able to find the sort of property you are looking for and are looking for a longer term stay, consider asking a local rental agency to help you find and book a property. Most of these apartment booking websites also allow you to list your own property so that you can earn money while you travel or rent out a spare room or second home.

The app has a very clear mapping of where you stand in the process (acceptance, apartment furnishing status, move in date, etc.), and once I was accepted I was able to choose my move in time. There was also another option for $90/month to have someone come in and professionally clean the place, which I opted out of as well because I will be living there myself and can certainly clean my own place. Im allergic to mold sadly and I explained that to them THE FIRST DAY. I HAD to take a real shower bc i have a job and I wanted to make sure I didn’t smell. Something about bathing in just boiled water from a sink made me feel like I wasn’t clean enough.