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THE BEST 10 Haunted Houses in Canton, MI Last Updated December 2022

The building sat unoccupied for many years, and according to the local rumor mill, a homeless man named Al who used it as a temporary sleeping spot met his demise … At Oakland Community College, formerly a hospital, there is allegedly a tunnel that connects Highland Hall to High Oak Hall. It’s said to begin in the basement of Highland Hall, which was once a morgue. The event happened while I was in the basement of the Blue Tractor BBQ in the summer of 2010.

Their pets and their children wouldn’t go into the room and a second visitor left terrified after seeing the apparition of the decomposing woman staring at him. Currently, a fair amount of the buildings have been torn down, but a few remain. Workers and trespassers report hearing voices, and rumors of former patients walking the halls have been reported. Tales of table settings being rearranged on their own and of a mysterious, elderly gentleman gazing out windows on the second floor can be attributed to paranormal activity. The elevator is especially active and will often move between floors without anyone in it.

Kate Shepard, the home’s namesake, ran a school from the house for some 30 or 40 years until her passing in 1952, so perhaps the ghost could be a former student. Guests staying in Kate’s sister Isabel’s room have also reported seeing the apparitions – Isabel passed away in the house but maybe she wasn’t quite ready to leave. Whatever the case, these ghostly visitors are said to be benevolent guests so there’s not much cause for concern. Built by Dr James Priestley in 1852, the property has experienced some strange goings-on.

His body was embalmed and held in the basement for weeks as the family waited for people paying their respects to make the journey to Gulliver. Pinhead’s Graveyard, housed in an old warehouse in downtown Canton that’s been remade into a series of horror film sets, will attract thousands of people looking for a good fright this Halloween season. LOOK OUT — Pinhead’s Graveyard in Canton recreates iconic horror movie scenes in a haunted attraction, with too-real live characters like Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise. A massive city street with towering buildings and now-decrepit landmarks awaits you in this unique scare zone as you wait in line. You can expect to interact with undead city dwellers and have ample photo opportunities. Local residents recently discovered that the wealthy Rosecliff Hall family had built out a secret distillery on their property to brew their own spirits.

But, after seeing an apparition of a decomposing woman in a blue dress and fur jacket multiple nights in a row, however, Bill decided to tough it out and sleep in the bedroom he shared with his wife. The playground built for worker’s children and the cemetery that holds over 7,000 patients are considered to be the most haunted areas buy huh token of all, with many incidents of growls and moans being reported. Mr. Mason went slightly overboard when financing the construction of the building, and eventually went bankrupt, whereupon his wife left him. Overwhelmingly depressed about his financial and personal circumstances, Mason jumped to his death from the roof of the temple.