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The 6 Crochet Tools Essential to Get Started

This is labeled as a number on all yarns ranging from 0-7, 0 being the thinnest and 7 being the thickest. Each of these numbers has a corresponding category name and different types of yarns that fall under these categories. The chart down below shows the symbols and names used when referring to each of the yarn weights. The chart also shows some of the recommended hook sizes commonly used with each of the different weights of yarn. You can use any size hook with any weight yarn to create different looks, textures, and densities to your fabric, so feel free to experiment. A 4 mm (G-6), 5 mm (H-8) or a 6 mm (J-10) crochet hook are good sizes to start with when you are new to crocheting.

This crochet kit comes with everything needed to make the necklace including silver plated jewellery findings. A recent study showed a significant improvement in reported mood from crocheting, with participants saying the craft made them feel calmer, happier and more useful. GAUGE SWATCH RULER – speaking of gauge, a GAUGE SWATCH RULER is a handy little tool to figure out how many stitches and rows you have in a 4” sample square. TAPESTRY NEEDLES –Also known as darning needles, it is necessary to have blunt-edgedTAPESTRY NEEDLES on hand to weave in loose yarn ends when your project is finished. We’ve all accidentally spiraled down a YouTube click hole. With your stitch dictionary, you can keep your mind on your craft and not videos of meerkat social habits.

Once completed, you’ll have just under 10 inches of adorable spring-themed Hello Kitty to gift, display, or cuddle. The kit comes with a hook, 100% cotton yarn, stuffing, a sewing needle, and instructions. After crocheting different parts such as the head, the arms, the body …, insert the remaining thread into the eye of the needle an sew them together according to the pattern. There are several techniques but the simplest is to symmetrically align the stitches of the parts and pass the yarn inside and out.

Ever so elegant, these pots are just one of the fantastic sustainable crochet kits designed by Stitching Me Softly. There are an abundance of simple crochet patterns and tutorials online that will get your creative juices flowing. I also have recommendations ofFAVORITE CROCHET BOOKSthat will provide endless inspiration. Whether you like to take your projects with you when you travel or simply don’t want to bother with standard scissors, this pendant makes it easy to cut your yarn anytime, anywhere.

For example, a 5.5 mm metric size hook is also known as an I-9 size hook in the US. It is important to use the correct weight yarn indicated in a particular crochet pattern, as it will affect the size of your resulting project. Bulky or Medium weight yarn sizes are probably best for a beginner crocheter, as you get used to working with the yarn on the hooks. The best part is you don’t even have to have background knowledge in crochet to get started! The Woobles offers beginner-friendly kits that guide you along as you craft your chosen critter from their offered patterns. Make it a spring crafting challenge for yourself or gift the final piece for the season’s holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day, or graduation celebrations.

It comes in bags with different quantities ( 32, 16, 12… ounces ). With a darning needle, widen the stitch in which you want to put the eye. Insert the screw in your work and then, place the round transparent piece on the back . Be careful not to close your creation before putting the eyes. If closed, you will no longer have access to the interior and therefore no longer be able to attach the two parts together. Like the bamboo hooks, I do believe they can be used on airplanes because they have no metallic parts.

I never understood why someone would need an ergonomic hook because any hook I used in the past used to work for me. Unlike the usual sewing needle, a darning needle used for crocheting has a big eye for a thread or yarn insertion. Compared to a sewing needle, you can insert your thread a lot easier.

Crocheting hooks come in other varieties, such as those with ergonomic or padded handles, or hand-carved from wood. These are nice touches and you may prefer working with them, but it’s not essential to have anything fancy. The other day I asked some ladies over on Instagram what they’re hands-downfavorite crochet tool was. Ergonomic hooks usually have some sort of grip on the handle so that it puts less stress on your hand while you’re crocheting.

If you’re looking for more options and information about crochet accessories, you’ll find plenty in our pick of the top crochet accessories. A row counter helps you keep common crochet hook sizes track of where you are in your pattern without having to remember it yourself. Blocking helps a piece lay in its proper shape and size, and creates nice, smooth edges.

As a rule of thumb, beginners are going to want a size 4 or larger. A smaller-ply yarn is going to be more difficult to see the stitches. It’s not very stretchy, which is great for projects that need to hold their shape. It doesn’t get as warm as wool, and it won’t melt when used as a hot pad. You’ll also need a pair of scissors and a tapestry needle. In Lesson One we’re talking about the tools and supplies needed to crochet.