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While majority of these flicks falls flat and tend to be in beyond bearable melodramatic tone, certain well made dramas offer us a poignant experience. Director Ganesh Vinayakan attempts to craft a movie like the latter. So how interestingly has director Ganesh Vinayakan put together all these factors in to his flick? Extracting top performances from the leads Tharun Kumar and Abarnathi, Ganesh Vinayakan hits the right notes with his constant focus on human emotions that will sure impact the audiences.

After the couple are at a government hospital in Theni, the film gives some broad political commentary with the rigor of a well-intentioned WhatsApp forward. After an activist called Das arrives, the film briefly becomes an investigation about the source of Kurinji Malai’s pollution. At the end, it becomes a heavy-handed commentary on how pitiful the plight of the Velan family is (we’ve all but forgotten about the mountains by now). We see how the hill shapes its people, and how they reshape the hill.

Velan , an orphan to the hills as a child, is an expert at gathering honey which is supposed to heal diseases. We are shown a shot of Velan pressing out honey from a comb, balancing on a branch, high up on the hill, with a waterfall as backdrop. These early parts of the film are filled with similar aerial shots of the hill and its hamlets. Even if the hill is not filled with magical herbs, you want it to be preserved. It makes a forceful argument for the preservation of our hills, but it’s missing nuance and depth.

Social commentary has been a part of Tamil cinema from the days of veteran star actor M. Even today right from leading superstars to debutant lead heroes, prefer to have some kind of social message included in their films. This approach is followed even though there is no assurance that such an approach would ensure a minimum success rate for an entertainer.

So, the person has no moral ground to draw satisfaction from for saving an animal’s life. What the person should do is ponder over how he’s disturbing the peace of animals in the forest. Heart touching and Emotional Beautiful Scenes With Pain and Cry Tharun Kumar Just lived with his character loved his performance. Abharandhi also carried out in emotions with pain and cry She just lived with her presence in the character loved her performance. The only drawback was that few scenes were presented with melodrama. For instance, a scene when Velu begs a doctor to get her wife admitted.

His service minded nature puts him in the good books of the villagers – especially, in Poongodi’s when he helps her father. When the couple decides to get married the elders in the village committee tries to stop them because of a failed traditional ritual. Bringing riveting and pertinent stories from India has been a constant endeavour by SonyLIV, which has been consistent in strengthening its southern content slate. Launching yet another compelling narrative, the platform is all set for the OTT release of the award-winning film Thaen, a story that highlights the fierce realities of the society.

Predictability is its biggest issue and despite the honest intentions, it’s not quite hard to guess the trajectory of the story. The monotony in the second hour and the anti-corporate narrative gets on your nerves beyond a point. Though the filmmaker uses superstition as a smart storytelling cruxgg reviews device, Thaen nearly ends up validating it. Tharun and Abarnathi feature in the lead role, while Aruldoss and Bava Lakshmanan among others play supporting roles. Thaen also debates a philosophical question about what action/thought distinguishes a good person from a bad one?