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Strike Zone Pro ® Steel wiffle ball and blitzball strike zone target

Since the present invention is made from lightweight synthetic fabric materials and a thin flexible metal coil 5, it is lightweight and simple to transport. The ability to fabricate the structures of this invention from light weight materials make this invention very portable, as its lightweight nature is beneficial for transport to parks, recreational areas, etc. To assemble the WiffleNet, a user must only unfurl the device so that the collapsible and coilable frame member 5 fully expands into its elliptical shape and attach the support connector rods 8 and connectors 9. 5, to collapse the invention, a user must only disconnect the connector rods 8 and connectors 9 and twist, fold and/or bend the collapsible and flexible frame member 5 onto each other to create overlays for portability and storage. In a preferred embodiment, the frame member 5 is one component of flexible coilable steel stock wire that forms one continuous semi-elliptical and part-straight structure.

The Wiffle ball tee is constructed of durable polyester fabric. A defensive fielder shall not position himself behind the pitcher within the batter’s hitting background. If a fielder does position himself in this fashion, the batter must appeal to the pitcher to have the offending fielder reposition himself out of the batter’s hitting background before the pitch is delivered. If an improper batter becomes a runner or is put out, and a pitch is made to the next batter before an appeal is made, the improper batter becomes the proper batter and the results of his time at bat becomes legal and shall stand.

We can deliver the Xtra Fielder Pro Strike Zone Net With Wiffle Brand Bat And Ball And PVC Stand speedily without the hassle of shipping, customs or duties. PVC stand style varies – may include H-style or Square style stand. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Sellers looking to grow their business and reach more interested buyers can use Etsy’s advertising platform to promote their items.

Plus, the 2 pvc tubes make it easy to insert the legs into hard ground. The colors of the tubing may vary, but the Xtra Fielder Strike Zone is sure to give you an edge on the competition. The material for the frame member is flat spring steel for its corrosion resistance although plated or coated spring steel stock can be used instead.

This invention uses a collapsible and coilable frame member to support the backstop with the strikezone embedded within it. • How does the STRIKE ZONE PRO – Wiffle Ball and blitzball Strike Zone Target help improve your pitching? The STRIKE ZONE PRO – Wiffle Ball and blitzball Strike Zone Target helps improve your pitching by providing a 10 foot by 10 foot target to wiffle pitching machine aim for. Often called America’s pastime, baseball is also well established in Canada, Latin America, the Netherlands, Australia, and Japan. A batter shall be called out, on appeal, when he fails to bat in his proper turn, and another batter completes a time at bat in his place. A team’s batting order shall have no fewer than two, nor more than six players in it.

Everything you need to play a fun game of Wiffle® ball including our exclusive S&S® Strike Zone pitch target that makes games more fun whether you’re playing a serious game of fast pitch or a fun game of slow pitch. PITCHER – A pitcher may be substituted for at any time after he has faced a minimum of one batter. A pitcher being replaced maintains his spot in the batting order. STARTING LINE-UP – A team’s starting line-up consists of all players who appear in the batting order at the start of the game. If a game is protested, the official scorer shall note the exact situation at the time of the protest, including the score, the number of outs, the batter, the position of any runners, and the ball-strike count. Two detachable and retractable connectors/fasteners brace members connected the sides of the base and bottom of the backstop to support the strikezone and backstop perpendicular to the ground.

It is preferred that the frame member, which is attached by a fabric strap to the backstop, is coilable to overlapping loops to facilitate a pop-up assembly, coiled disassembly and attachment to the ball reservoir for pitched strikes. The preferred embodiment of the collapsible and portable WiffleNet strikezone and backstop, and its components, for WIFFLE® ball (and other recreational plastic-baseball) games are designated generally by reference numeral and is illustrated in FIGS. In describing a preferred embodiment of the invention illustrated in the drawings, a plain description will be employed for the sake of clarity. However, the invention is not intended to be limited to the specific terms so selected, and it is to be understood that each specific term includes all technical equivalents which operate in a similar manner to accomplish a similar purpose. A good wiffle ball strike zone is important because it helps the batter to hit the ball more consistently.

Fences shall be no less than 3 ft., nor greater than 4 ft. in height. The distance from home plate to the base of the nearest foul pole shall be no less than 80 ft., nor greater than 105 ft. The distance from home plate to the base of the center field fence shall be no less than 95 ft., nor greater than 125 ft.

The distance from the pitching- rubber to the backstop shall be 45 ft. The backstop is supported and balanced by two sets of retractable or collapsible plastic brace members—one at each side of the unit. The supports are a pair of rods whose ends are removable, connected to the sides of WiffleNet’s base when fully assembled by either a Velcro-strap or fitted connecting-slot method.

The modern game of baseball was established by the Knickerbocker Baseball Club in New York City in 1845 though variants of similar games have existed since the 18th century in the form of cricket and rounders. SACRIFICE FLY – batter has option of tagging – must say “sacrifice fly” while ball is in air. The defender who catches the ball must throw it through the hole in backstop on the fly from where he caught it. If he does, it’s a double play, if not, then the run scores. Any fair ball that touches on, or beyond the pitching line is a single.