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‎Strictly Anonymous: 517 Sophia and Rod are in a Stag Vixen Relationship on Apple Podcasts

Every once in a while, I encounter a couple who I find utterly fascinating, and C and L are one of those couples. What started out as a high school romance has evolved into a long term what is a stag/vixen committed marriage, raising of children and making their cuckold/FLR dynamic a fixture in their lives. I’m happy that they were willing to come on the show and let me be nosey.

This behavior can leave some women feeling like a “Kink Dispenser” . In this episode Scarlet and Michael talk about Kink Dispensinsing and the damage that it can cause. This is an episode that you need to listen to in order to find out. This is an episode that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.

Other than that, there are different play and relationship styles all over the map and the shape of the relationship and play style is going to vary widely among stag/vixen couples. In the widest sense, a hotwife is a wife that has sexual relations with men outside of her marriage with the knowledge of her husband. These lifestyle marriages tend to focus on the wife and her extramarital relations, often meaning that the husband is faithful to his hotwife, not having any relations outside of the marriage. This is more common in a cuck/hotwife dynamic than in a stag/vixen relationship. Let’s be honest, we’ve all dealt with some form of insecurity in our lives and it’s not something that many of us are willing to talk about. In this episode I am joined by a wonderful couple who were willing to take that walk and share their deepest feelings on how their insecurities impacted their journey and how they each learned to love themselves.

I connected with my good friend Lupe (husband of the sexy and incredible Micha from Ep. 48) at Splash Mocha in Atlanta and he came on and dropped so much knowledge about what it takes to have a successful OnlyFans. Who insisted on being open and free to do as she pleased. It was really hard to sit there and listen to this sociopath talk about herself like she was gods gift to mankind. If sharing your partner with a third party is what rocks your boat then, by all means, go for it but you and your partner should agree on the rules and set boundaries you both are comfortable with. Explicit consent should be given by all parties involved and no one should be coerced or feel compelled to participate. This is not the kind of activity you indulge in just to please your partner, you both must genuinely share in this fantasy or it could end up being catastrophic.

Beginning as lovers under the most intriguing circumstances, they came together after nearly two decades to form an incredibly strong, trusting bond. G and R share how they developed an open and honest relationship style that lead them to explore the cuckolding dynamic. This interview, recorded on their honeymoon, is a beautiful tribute to a couple who have attained their highest purpose together. Many of you have heard me talk about the importance of community within the wife sharing lifestyle but I realized that some of you don’t know exactly how to go about connecting with other like minded couples. So I decided to be proactive and help people get together.

The beauty of their journey is hearing the confidence that they now both possess which you will clearly hear the moment you hear their energy. This is an episode that I encourage everyone to listen to, even if you are not an insecure person yourself, perhaps it will give you some much needed insight. This is one that shows the power to heal that can sometimes come with this lifestyle. I had such a good time talking to Taylor and Chris who are a Stag/Vixen couple. Theirs is a story of high school sweethearts who got started in this lifestyle in a most unusual way. I wanted to have them on because their dynamic illustrates something that I’ve been saying for sometime, it’s best not to try to identify hotwife vs cuckold couples based on the acts they enjoy.

I ran into Ron at Splash Mocha in Atlanta and we decided to jump on and talk all about his journey into the lifestyle. A journey that I learned had a very interesting start. Ron is a cool guy who is big on manners and pleasing whichever lady he is with. There’s nothing like shining light on the guys who I feel truly exemplify what being a Bull is all about. If you are set on giving this “share my wife” trend a shot, always remember to talk out every detail with your partner, setting ground rules and boundaries.