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*SPU Tropical Biology in Belize Study abroad Seattle Pacific University, School of Business, Government, and Economics

Graduating with BA in Physics with Education Focus in Sciences from Seattle Pacific University will make students job ready. BA in Physics with Education Focus is one of the most favoured undergraduate degree programs preferred by international students from the Seattle Pacific University. The reason for the popularity of this degree course is that it has been consistently ranked higher by top global educational platforms. With BA in Physics with Education Focus, you can choose a career in many roles. It is a 4 year course spread across 2 semesters. The College has a committed team of campus police and security officers that provide a safe and secure campus environment for the students.

Right from selecting the university till my visa process Edwise has guided me. They are very informative and nau course evaluations will let you know everything in detail. Edwise has been very helpful and co operative in all my process.

I am forever grateful to having made your acquaintance in Sept 2017. Wishing you all the success in helping more students like me achieve their future dreams and excel in life. Our top consultants can guide & ensure your admissions into Seattle Pacific University.

Seattle Pacific University provides various scholarships to its students. The scholarships are both need-based and merit-based. The merit-based scholarship does not depend on the financial condition of the students.

The application process is simple, but it is advisable to have a study abroad professional help you out during the process. Keep an eye on the deadline and apply early to increase your chances of selection. Also, note that missing documents and invalid/incorrect information can result in the rejection of your application. Ensure your documents are handy when applying, and verify all your details. The Seattle Pacific University selects students based on their academic strengths and other achievements. English language proficiency is a must for admission to any foreign university in an English-speaking country.

BA in Physics with Education Focus at Seattle Pacific University is affordable. The tuition fee for this course is -, and with scholarships, your expenses can get reduced. A curation of articles on abroad studies from experts and students. Get to know the application deadlines of all courses across universities.