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Spanish Vocabulary For Vegans And Vegetarians in Barcelona

If you find yourself in Navarre, you’ll be pleased to know that this region is famous for its top quality vegetables. They even have an annual fiesta dedicated to vegetables in the late Spring. If you are spending time in the capital, do check out this link for Madrid’s Best Veggie Burgers which includes a few independent burger joints and chains too.

It’s not for the food, it’s not for the taste, it doesnt have the calories and the fat. Maybe you just need to learn to like it as a food. As it turns out, veganism is a difficult habit to break and a lot of people are not aware that they are doing it wrong.

Spain must have been such a great place to stay. Gut, Barcelona, SpainThe breakfast at the hostel was not that good though. So by the time I got to Las Ramblas one day, I was really hungry. And then I saw it, the Hard Rock Café in Barcelona right punto word at the corner of Placa Catalunya. I love the burgers there and I did not even have any second thoughts of going there for lunch. I know they are expensive but after having Spanish food for more than a week, all I wanted was an American burger.

Delicious, pink, vegan tacos from La Pitahaya Vegana in Mexico CityMexico, along with many Central and South American countries have a typically meat-heavy diet. I don’t have any experience with food in Spain or European countries so I can’t speak to that. Regardless of where you go, if you are traveling with non vegetarians or non vegans you’ll likely end up at a restaurant with few veggie options. Here in Mexico it is super easy to make special requests for your food to be veg-friendly. Below are some phrases to use to ask about vegetarian options.

I am so impressed that you put this together! It is always a struggle to communicate dietary restrictions when you travel. Plus I also added the countries where these languages are spoken because I think it’s pretty interesting. Avocado toast with a drizzle of lemon and some black pepper makes a wonderful breakfast in too – but you probably already know that. The problem with veganism is that it can be very counterproductive to you and your health, and it can definitely be unhealthy.