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South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union Reviews: 16 User Ratings

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Receive member-exclusive discounts on your purchases by visiting and clicking Become a Member. For every person who is living in Florida, this application is one of the best ways by which he/she can manage all their online banking and other transaction. After using so many banking apps, I want to tell you that this is the one that I am recommending to you. Well, download this smart application on your smartphone. Besides online services, if you want to visit them physically, you can visit your nearest branches.

Access to your accounts with online banking is available login here. Are South Florida Educational FCU Auto Loans available? I have shared a bank account here with my parents my entire life. When I was working I would go there every two weeks to cash my checks, and everyone was always very friendly. I have never had anyone make any mistakes with my account, and they always have displayed prompt and friendly service even the security guards. When I was a child I had fond memories of watching movies there while my parents were depositing checks and taking care of other financial tasks.

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They were very friendly and helped transfer her bank account from Ohio very quickly. When I got my first job I opened up an account with my mom at this credit union and would cash my checks or deposit them there. I would always go with her whenever she went there. If we ever had any problems with the account they would help fix it right away or explain to us what had happened. I would sit there and watch movies while my mom was taking care or her banking needs.