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Meet David Booth, the fake news peddler who is helping Russia spread its lies. The other technique is the creation of an entirely fake video which requires a lot of money and time. Mapping services, such as Wikimapia’s geographic and Google Maps for comparing the video’s apparent location and the real one, or the Google Street View service can be applied. Since Russia’s Syria campaign began, Kremlin officials and the state media have been framing it as a painless war that was boosting Moscow’s international prestige.

The YouTube DataViewer checked it and confirmed that it was a fake video. Manipulating photos has been identified as the easiest technique to fake news, thus making it also the simplest to expose for people with adequate knowledge. There are two techniques for manipulating photos, first is editing them using special programs, including Adobe Photoshop, and second is presenting real photos to appear as if they were taken at another place or time. A journalist should have knowledge of finding out when the images were taken, and whether an editing program was used for processing them.

In an effort to conceal accusations of cyber espionage, Putin has raised a new cyber security doctrine last month that further strengthens the FSB in its counterintelligence operations as well as spread victimisation images of cyber espionage by western agencies- a concept some experts term as “state sponsored hacking”. Manipulators and propagandists use people’s tendency to trust and treat reputable media uncritically. Marginal blogs or media messages are usually spread with solid-sounding names, which claim to be from reputable media. For example, a plethora of Russian mass media, such as Vzglyad, a business newspaper, cited Western media while reporting on a dispute revolving around the repatriation of the bodies of the 13 Americans killed while engaged in fighting within Ukraine.

Failing to understand these techniques may imply that we become unable to identify suitable mechanisms for verification and fact-checking. This paper covers various fake news techniques and suitable tools for fact-checking and verifying the news. Disputants agree on one thing – behind it is “really well-informed people”.

No one is sure where President Trump got the idea that the Democratic National Committee’s hacked server was hidden in Ukraine. In her powerful testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, Fiona Hill, a former White House foreign policy adviser, characterized the story of the “missing” server as one of the fictions propagated by Russia’s security services, and Trump’s own staff had made a point of debunking it for the president. Nevertheless, in his fateful phone call of July 25, when the president asked Ukraine’s newly elected president to “do us a favor” and track down the DNC server, U.S. foreign policy was officially replaced by a conspiracy theory. The other example is a complex fake image created to mock Donald Trump as US president by allegedly showing an unflattering view of the profile.

This intelligence relationship between Russia and Belarus is a classic example of how complicated hidden relationships exist over a common goal, while the leaders- Putin and Lakushenko- pursue independent foreign policies. This conspiracy thinking was by no means confined to the low-traffic online fringe websites – it was amplified and further disseminated by some of the country’s most prominent rightwing broadcasters. So much so that it once again raised the question of where the border between conspiracy theories and respectable conservative media lies.

Its use can be ascertained here where there are instructions on how to use it. The best way of finding the source of such videos is by using search machines, including Google. When a suspicious image pops up on Facebook or Twitter, you should yearn to see if it’s ever been on the Internet before through a simple reverse image search, using TinEye or Google. At times, a Google Search is inadequate for finding an image’s source and when it does not help, try using TinEye.

But, going by the damage assessments made by American security and intelligence analysts Snowden files have caused “tremendous and irreversible” damage to the US. This should explain Google search engine being who wears a black cowboy hat filled with questions like “Is Snowden a Russian Agent”? Read the Snowden quandary with raising Russian cyber espionage and hacking activities, the status of US cyber security and warfare seems alarming.

This collection contains the output of many Archive Team projects, both ongoing and completed. Thanks to the generous providing of disk space by the Internet Archive, multi-terabyte datasets can be made available, as well as in use by the Wayback Machine, providing a path back to lost websites and work. However, the image is fake and one can easily find its original showing the baby without wounds on the Internet. The image below is a screenshot from a pro-Russian group page on Vkontakte.

In recent years the Internet has filled sensational reports of so-called “Order of Sorcha Faal”, which have aggressively migrated to serious news and analytical sites. And as reported on Right Wing Watch, conspiracy broadcaster Rick Wiles suggested that Ford was a sleeper agent whose conditioning was triggered by the use of the word “lodestar” in the op-ed by an anonymous administration official which was published by the New York Times. Were these falsehoods confined to sites like this, it would only be of interest to those with a yen for subcultural arcana. But these lies then spread through better-read conspiracy sites like Zero Hedge, who called Ford a “CIA honeytrap”. The post incorporates some familiar tropes and stock characters from conspiracy subculture, like Deak, whose murder at the hands of a homeless woman have long fueled speculation. A writer who goes by Sorcha Faal at adds some more conspiracy culture red meat by claiming that Ford’s connection to Deak is via a Stanford scientist, Frederick Melges, who Faal claims was engaged in work on the MKUltra mind control program.