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Meet David Booth, the fake news peddler who is helping Russia spread its lies. The other technique is the creation of an entirely fake video which requires a lot of money and time. Mapping services, such as Wikimapia’s geographic and Google Maps for comparing the video’s apparent location and the real one, or the Google Street View service can be applied. Since Russia’s Syria campaign began, Kremlin officials and the state media have been framing it as a painless war that was boosting Moscow’s international prestige.

Once it became clear that the cause of the crash was probably terrorism, it also became a messaging nightmare for the Kremlin’s propaganda machine. Sources in the Conspiracy-Pseudoscience category may publish unverifiable information that is not always supported by evidence. These sources may be untrustworthy for credible/verifiable information; therefore, fact-checking and further investigation is recommended on a per-article basis when obtaining information from these sources. The most recent conspiracy theory claims that one of the victims in the explosion, Carole Paladino, a retired school nurse, was “due to testify against Hillary Clinton” as part of an FBI probe involving the Clinton Foundation and a pharmaceutical company that donated to the nonprofit organization. A tragic home explosion in New Jersey that left a husband and wife dead has become the subject of the latest viral conspiracy theory centered on Hillary and Bill Clinton, a political duo that has become a staple ofdisturbing tall tales.

In an effort to conceal accusations of cyber espionage, Putin has raised a new cyber security doctrine last month that further strengthens the FSB in its counterintelligence operations as well as spread victimisation images of cyber espionage by western agencies- a concept some experts term as “state sponsored hacking”. Manipulators and propagandists use people’s tendency to trust and treat reputable media uncritically. Marginal blogs or media messages are usually spread with solid-sounding names, which claim to be from reputable media. For example, a plethora of Russian mass media, such as Vzglyad, a business newspaper, cited Western media while reporting on a dispute revolving around the repatriation of the bodies of the 13 Americans killed while engaged in fighting within Ukraine.

At the time, Booth, then 23, was managing a rental-car office and getting over a troubled childhood that had exploded a decade earlier onto the evening news. A self-described “confused, messed-up kid,” Booth had cut school one day in the fall of 1969 and gone to the airport in his native Cincinnati. There, he took a teenage girl hostage with a butcher knife, boarded a plane, and demanded to be flown to Sweden.

No one is sure where President Trump got the idea that the Democratic National Committee’s hacked server was hidden in Ukraine. In her powerful testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, Fiona Hill, a former White House foreign policy adviser, characterized the story of the “missing” server as one of the fictions propagated by Russia’s security services, and Trump’s own staff had made a point of debunking it for the president. Nevertheless, in his fateful phone call of July 25, when the president asked Ukraine’s newly elected president to “do us a favor” and track down the DNC server, U.S. foreign policy was officially replaced by a conspiracy theory. The other example is a complex fake image created to mock Donald Trump as US president by allegedly showing an unflattering view of the profile.

This intelligence relationship between Russia and Belarus is a classic example of how complicated hidden relationships exist over a common goal, while the leaders- Putin and Lakushenko- pursue independent foreign policies. This conspiracy thinking was by no means confined to the low-traffic online fringe websites – it was amplified and further disseminated by some of the country’s most prominent rightwing broadcasters. So much so that it once again raised the question of where the border between conspiracy theories and respectable conservative media lies.

This can be counteracted by finding the original ones and retranslating them. With the proliferation of fake news, it is imperative that we find a way of verifying news and information. However, before we even fact-check and verify such information, what is more critical is that we understand the various techniques used in spreading fake news and how to curb them.

All patriotic citizens needed to do was sit back and enjoy the grainy footage of terrorists being obliterated by Russia’s shiny new military machine. I would file all of the above under the category of “opportunistic political demagoguery” rather than Conspiracy Theory as such. But then this week, David Emery,’s Urban Legends editor, forwarded me a viral e mail that’s the real thing. The headline reads “US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig”; the article is dated April 30th, and it appears to have who wears a black cowboy hat originated at the What Does it Mean? has perpetuated a number of baselessClinton conspiracy theories during the 2016 election including falsehoods holding hacker Guccifer, Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, UN officialJohn Ashe, and the father of a physicianpurportedly responsible for leaking Hillary Clinton’s health records were killed off by her shadowy operatives. Claims former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman sought asylum in Russia originated with a fake news conspiracy site, he is not “missing.”

In addition, the news reported by reputable media can get manipulated by fake news media. An example is that a quote purportedly from California Congresswoman Maxine Waters regarding impeaching President Trump was digitally embedded into an image that had been pulled from a CNN broadcast. As a matter of fact, the quote was not hers and her image had been retrieved from an interview she held on another subject. An example of photo manipulation is that sometimes when a natural disaster occurs, people often circulate manipulated images or images from different incidents to exaggerate the effects of the disaster. In case an image has been recirculated from other websites or repurposed for a recent disaster, a reverse image search can help to discover the manipulation.

There were “multiple ignition sources,” she said in an email, and the investigation remains open. The story said Paladino’s testimony would have focused on a “notorious American-based pharmaceutical company who gave money to the Clinton Foundation in a bid to cover up their drug price gouging crimes.” It referenced a 2016 New York Post article about the pharmaceutical company, Mylan, and its donations to the Clinton Foundation. At the time, Mylan had come under scrutiny for dramatically increasing the price of EpiPen, a life-saving medication used to treat allergic reactions.