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SMITE: An Advanced Guide To The Jungle Role

Being counter ganked can be devastating, and try to help your team in securing vision of popular entry routes. A winning lane can be great place to acquire gold and experience, and your laner can typically aid you in securing a kill. Regardless of their preferred playstyle, a viable jungle champion must possess both the damage and survivability to clear their jungle without requiring help from their team.

The starter items you should grab will be one of the Jungle starter items, two potions, a ward, and the first tier of your chosen item. The two potions can vary for some players, but we typically recommend the multi-potion. The first tier item also varies on whatever item you want to start with. For example, if you have an Assassin who wants to build up attack speed or one that wants to build up physical penetration. Carry junglers exist to add more damage to the team composition.

In fact, some Gods have diverse-enough kits that players can have them diverge in other roles provided they have the right builds. Ask your laners to call out the summoner spells their enemy laner uses. You can track and use that information to shape your jungle pathing.

However, there are times where you will not be likely to secure a kill, and success comes with a coin toss. Like fighting an enemy with full health, or harassing the solo lane while they are a few levels higher than you. In this situation, there is little advice I can give except to play well and use your best judgement. This is the warding you should do when pushing a tower, stealing buff camps, and for wasting the enemy’s time.

Due to a large amount of very powerful picks in the meta, The Morrigan’s copycat kit makes her a solid pick to adapt to the enemy. She is very situational, but very good because of it. Tsukuyomi – like Sett and Nemesis, Tsuk is one of the hyper carry assassins in the Jungle. Bumba’s is your go-to item, along with items like Heartseeker, Bloodforge and Warrior Tabi.

Early game, where everyone is in lane, the jungle itself provides protection. You can afford to forgo defenses, at least for a little while. He controls the jungle, either by controlling the actual camps, or directly fighting the enemy jungler, making the enemy less able to do these things. However, you may want to draft Awilix when your team has a lot of knock-ups instead of the enemy team having a lot of jumps – and vice versa.

This starter supports ability-based or hybrid builds. As it is more expensive, you won’t be able to get as many potions. If you are going to attempt this, remember that you’re deep in enemy territory, and enemies have likely spotted you on the minimap. Make sure that you’ve got a teammate that’s close and knows what you’re doing so they can back you up, or that you have ample wards up to warn you of impending danger.

You want to be efficient with your rotations so you can maximize your farm, but also look to gank enemies or support teammates as needed. Can be particularly useful if facing a double-physical duo, or a strong early physical ADC and lots of enemy healing. As an aura item, requires you to be near the enemy to apply the effect. Although a simple concept, it can be difficult to remember when you become a destructive force. In a teamfighting situation, you should always be behind your front-line tanks.