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San Antonios long-idled Lone Star Brewery is back on the market again Flavor San Antonio

They constructed a separate facility “to house the original bar and collection” that served as their “hospitality and sampling room.” The collection remained at the facility until 1996 . Detroit-based Stroh Brewery Co. then bought Heileman and closed the San Antonio brewery in 1996 moving beer production to Longview, Texas and signaling the end of San Antonio as a major brewing town. Milwaukee-based Pabst bought most of the Stroh brands, including Lone Star, in 1999, and began brewing Lone Star at the San Antonio Pearl Brewery to great fanfare. In 2000, the Pearl Brewery was closed because it was outdated and would have been too expensive to continue to operate or to bring up to date.

A Lone Star beer bottle found behind the San Antonio Museum of Art, formerly the first Lone Star Brewery, during a River Walk extension is on loan to the museum by UTSA’s Center for Archaeological Research. Brandon Luedtke, a 30-year-old musician in Austin, has made Lone Star collectibles his business through his website, OG Lone Star ( Yet as much as he loves buying and selling just about anything with a Lone Star logo on it from before he was born, he sees the brand more as what he calls “a great unifier” for both Texas natives and for those who got here as soon as they could. Pabst Brewing Co. bought Lone Star from Stroh in 1999 and even brewed the beer at the former Pearl Brewery in San Antonio before the site was transformed into what’s now the Pearl shopping and dining district.

The brewery made several different labels at first, including Buck, Erlanger, Cabinet, Alamo, and Standard. The Lone Star Brewery prospered until Prohibition with sales of as much as 65,000 barrels of lager beer annually. Some items from the original brewery had been reinstalled in the new one, which made a tourist attraction of collections purchased from the original Buckhorn Saloon in its Hall of Horns, Fins and Feathers as well as a hospitality room for sampling beer and root beer. After this facility was closed, contents including a hand-carved limestone sculpture of the Lone Star logo were sold at auction.

San Antonio’s lengthy association with brewing is in part related to the sizeable German community that developed in the city during the mid- to late-nineteenth century. These immigrants brought their traditions and methods of beer production with them from Europe, including their preference for the lager-style beer still produced at Lone Star Brewery during the early twentieth century (Hennech and Etienne-Gray 2013). With over 30 beers in our portfolio, PBC is the largest American-owned brewery. Since 1844, we’ve taken pride in brewing beers that have become iconic, cherished American brands. Brands that promote regional pride, and brands that express common bonds among people all over the world. After the closure of the brewery due to Prohibition, a new facility under the name Sabinas Brewing Company was constructed at 600 Lone Star Boulevard in San Antonio in 1933.

Across the rest of the U.S., Lone Star represents that grand Texas mystique of prideful independence and everything bigger than big. Taste is also familiar with some corn sweetness and an unwanted hint of citrus but not totally unpleasant. With over 30 beers in its portfolio, Pabst Brewing Company is the largest American-owned brewery. Established in 1844, Pabst is known for brewing beers that have become iconic, cherished American bran… Lone Star Brewing Co., the makers of Lone Star Beer “The National Beer of Texas” and Lone Star Texas Light Beer, has been proudly brewing beer in Texas since 1884. Since its founding, Lone Star has partnered with local communities throughout the state, supporting Texas-specific charities and organizations.

Lone Star Brewing Co. is owned by Pabst Brewing Company, one of the largest independently owned American brewing companies. For more information on any Lone Star product, please visit One thing for sure is that the folks in Shiner are watching this trial carefully. hr generalist salary new york Though the Spoetzl Brewery has positioned itself well to compete in today’s craft beer market, they probably wouldn’t miss a chance to market Shiner Premium as the last of the original Texas beers. But this is where things get a little strange for Lone Star.

Approximately 39,000 barrels of beer were produced in the first year alone. In the 1970s, Lone Star’s sales benefited from Jerry Retzloff, former marketing and promotions manager for Lone Star Beer and his close association with Willie Nelson, the Austin music scene and their Giant Armadillo. The beer is mentioned frequently in the title track of Red Steagall’s 1976 album “Lone Star Beer and Bob Wills Music”.

The San Antonio Museum of Art features art ranging from classical Roman sculpture to contemporary works in an old restored brewery building. Now 47, Bañuelos drinks a Lone Star when he’s back in town and at dive bars across New York, clutching his Lone Star longneck up high so everyone can see that iconic logo, because Bañuelos sees Lone Star as more than just beer. This is just one of the beers from my past military service while I was stationed in the state of Texas. It was our go to beer and back then was THE BEER to be drinking.