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Rounded Rectangle from Wolfram MathWorld

Once you get to your desired size, you should end on Row 3. In the border round, we will get rid of the chevron looking edge and have it flatten up. There is only 1 round required to do this. Read the diagram going counter clock-wise. Do this for the other side of the middle motif strip.

The Rx field adjusts the Horizontal circular handle. The Ry field adjusts the Vertical circular handle. Increasing the Rx or Ry value increases the rounding. Decreasing the Rx or Ry value decreases the rounding. Clicking the Make Corners Sharp icon makes rounded corners sharp.

The corners are still handled in the same manner. Continue to watch your corners as you get started. Pay extra attention to your last 2 stitches.

The Corner to Corner Rectangle from the middle took me several tries to get the blanket to lay flat. The biggest problem with the R & D of this design was getting the middle to cooperate with 21 ortho lane atlanta ga the remaining afghan. I released after a few attempts I cannot go in a continuous revolution to get the look. So at the end of each round, I had to turn and go back in the other direction.

For the second to the last row , you’ll ch 2, work a sc in the first ch 1 space, then sc in the ch 2 space . Skip the first 2 sts and in the first ch 1 space. As before, sc in the first ch 1 space, ch 1, in the ch 1 spaces across. When you get to the last ch 1 space at the end of the row, sc and do NOT ch 1. Instead, immediately sc in the ch 2 space.

She wants a 60 x 60 inch square – and a soft feel. I hope you have found this post useful and will find new ways to work with the lovely c2c stitch. This can give a flatter edge to the project which is great if you’re not adding a border. I have changed back to the grey yarn to show you where the decrease is placed. End of Rectangle C2C Row 2After Row 2 you can see there are still 7 blocks on the diagonal but 9 across the bottom.

You can draw a rectangle from its center outward by holding down Shift as you drag. You can also draw a square from its center outward by holding down Shift + Ctrl as you drag. The size value for chamfering a corner represents the distance to set where the chamfer will begin in relation to the original corner.