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Rogue Guide leveling 1-60 Best Tips

South of Terokaar is an area called the Bone Wastes. Some of them are really good for grinding but the difficulty level definitely goes up here, so bring good players. This is really the last zone that you will be doing instances in until you hit 70 unless you want to go all the way down to Tanaris for Caverns of Time at about level 67+. But the instances in Auchindoon range from 64 to 70. Quests and instances are cool but I like to go into autopilot for 12 hours and just wreak havoc on everything in my path. Like I¡¯ve said in the past before BC, if a quest objective isn¡¯t clear and you can¡¯t look it up, dump it and move on.

I would note for new players… pay attention to weapon tool tips. Some classic/BC daggers and swords/axes/maces are off hand only weapons. It will be indicated on the tool tip, but it’s easy to miss.

If you gain more energy at any time than it takes to reach this cap, the remaining energy will go to waste, effectively costing you DPS. Thus, it is very important that you never let your energy surpass the cap. The safest way to avoid this situation is to simply spend all of your energy as you receive it. If you never have more energy than the amount required to Sinister Strike or Backstab, then you are theoretically immune to capping your energy.

I¡¯m not going to list all of the factions and their rewards, but you will probably want to grind a lot of them as the quest rewards are pretty good. Don¡¯t focus on them during your grind but keep in mind what factions you want to grind and try to do their quests. If you raid, work on getting your factions to revered so you can get keys to the heroic modes of all instances.

It is a powerful single-target damage, as well as excellent AoE capabilities. Combat swords are a powerful and versatile build that can be used in both solo and group combat. They possess the abilities Sword Specialization, Combat warrior class hall campaign Potency and a fast mainhand/slow offhand combo. Also, if it’s an alt, get the heirloom daggers and go mutilate at 50. It’s crazy, more combo points than you know what to do with and mobs die before they get out of cheapshot.

CS seems to last a split second because of its energy cost. You find yourself waiting and waiting while you just do white damage and wait that seemingly loooooong 4 seconds to do another SS. Just bandage once every 5-6 fights if you have to and trust the fact that this is probably the best DPS leveling build. You¡¯re going to want to test all of the new skills and talents. You¡¯re going to get pounded out there and will want to respec to minimize this. Just try to be better at the build you have unless it¡¯s horribly flawed.

But again, I warn you, it will be crowded at launch. The fastest XP per hour possible can be earned by running instances. I don¡¯t care how good your gear is or how aggressive you are, a good group in an instance will earn nearly twice as much XP per hour than solo grinding. If you are going to join pugs that don¡¯t know how to assist, go afk a lot, wipe a lot and put little effort in, you will do horribly. With a well-geared but incredibly ragtag group I consistently earned twice the XP per hour that I was able to earn solo grinding and I¡¯m extremely efficient at grinding.

Success as a raiding rogue results from adherence to the 7 commandments of rogue DPS. If you do not follow these guidelines, the DPS optimizations in the remainder of this article will be of little worth to you. Rogues, unlike other classes, have one choice for a leveling spec. Combat is stronger than the other classes, but it’s not difficult to level with. If you are planning to level primarily in groups of levelers or in dungeon combat, Assassination is fine, but this spec reduces the effectiveness of any type of solo-based content. From the three spec options, Assassination is the weakest for the process of leveling.

At low levels, Ambush can be useful for frontloading your damage. Also, dagger builds have trouble dealing with multiple enemies at once, which is only compounded by positioning issues. Separate from weapon type, you must also consider the speed of your off hand weapon. A good way to compare off hand weapons is to apply an effective weapon DPS bonus to the faster weapon based on the talents you have taken. Knowing your enemy is a vital aspect of playing any class, be it in raiding or in PvP. For rogues in particular, knowing an encounter beforehand enables you to make several optimizations.