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Rogue D&D 5th Edition on Roll20 Compendium

Welcome to the our rogue leveling guide for WoW Classic. The objective of this guide is to give you a clear understanding of the class, its strengths, weaknesses, and how to level it efficiently. If you play rogue in retail WoW, have played it in the past, or are just getting started, this guide is assured to assist you in your leveling ventures.

All Rogue specs benefit a lot from critical strike, giving you more burst in your openers as you strike from stealth, as well as having spec-specific interactions with Critical Strike. In combat, you can either fight at range or jump into melee as the situation warrants. If you’re fighting at range, you’re totally dependent on an ally to be adjacent to your target, so make sure to communicate with your party’s front-line characters. If you’re fighting in melee, grab your short sword and a dagger and practice two-weapon fighting. If an enemy is just out of reach, throw your dagger; you have two for a reason. Rogues typically split into melee or ranged builds, though the universal efficacy of Dexterity makes it easy for many rogues to switch between the two.

Also, a gnome’s small size can make him or her difficult to target in PvP. This table shows the energy usage for each Rogue skill at each skill level. Smoke bomb – decrease mob’s defence, increase chance to hit. At level 10 Rogues will be given a quest from their local Rogue trainer, eventually rewarding them with Blade of CunningBlade of Cunning to compliment their new Dual WieldDual Wield skill.

Invisibility becomes more common at high levels, and unless you have a spellcaster handy it’s often very difficult to deal with. This helps quite a bit, but remember tha you’ll still have Disadvantage to attack the creature because you can’t see it. With the options available to us in the Basic Rules and the SRD, we’ll build our rogue as a combination Face, Scout, and Striker. These are the Rogue’s typical roles, and this build can cover all the bases reasonably well at the same time. Our Face and Scout emphasis will be a balance because each will consume our limited choices of skill proficiencies and Expertise.

Hack and Slash at level 31, giving your attacks with swords and axes a chance to hit twice. Talent Build OrderThe Combat tree has a large focus on passively increasing our damage, without actually impacting how we play the game much. A lot of the choices can feel very similar, with talents like Blade Twisting and Aggression doing very similar things, but they all work in synergy together to massively boost your power. Stealth openers are generally not great for actual damage, while leveling you will spend a lot of time in Stealth and will have a lot of opportunities to use openers. When you do want to open from Stealth, you can use Cheap Shot for the stun and easy combo points. If you are against a caster or want damage instead of a stun, you can use Garrote.

This might be the best tree, overall, for level 85 raiding and is Ok in PvP. Energy regen comes from one of the top tier talents. Rogues takuache jeans name tend to shy away from head-on encounters and prefer to rely on their Deception, Assassination, and Subtlety skills instead.

It’s worth noting that Eviscerate varies much more with level than with equipment. This is a great extra stat, but while leveling you will rarely find enough of it to make it worthwhile. Ebon Hilt of Marduk will be better than Blade of Necromancy even though it has lower DPS and will do more damage per hit. When it comes to the specializations available for the Rogue class, Rogues have three options that all are damage-dealing specs.